Gwinnett County Helpline referral service.

Crisis assistance from Gwinnett County Helpline is focused on families that are struggling. The phone line service provides callers with information basic needs from a pantry as well as a thrift store. While financial aid may be offered by some agencies, it is limited and often relies on government grants. However, staff from the helpline will do their best to assist the low income and people living in poverty.

When applying for any of the resources below, applicants should not only be prepared for enrolling into case management, but they should also have proof of income and the hardship they are facing. They will also need this for all members of the household, and a fall assessment will also take place.

Emergency financial assistance will be focused on homeless and eviction prevention. Anyone seeking support from a Helpline affiliated partner needs to have some source of income, as any assistance paid out is one time only. So the applicant will need to have money coming in from a job, or some other stable source.

Homeless can be caused by many different issues, and the root cause is usually either no or low income, not enough education, or lack of budgeting. Or it can be caused by a one time crisis, such as medical emergency or car breaking down.

No matter the reason, the applicant will need to agree to address the cause of this in order to receive any financial support from Gwinnett County Helpline affiliated agencies. For those that qualify, there may be emergency money or one time loans for any of the following expenses.

  • Back rent that is a reasonable amount.
  • Overdue utility bills, including heating and water.
  • Security deposits to help the family move into a more affordable apartment.

Gwinnett County Helpline provides referrals to crisis intervention assistance to qualified individuals and families. Included in this will be short term, emergency shelter to families and adults who are homeless, victims of individual or community disasters, survivors of domestic violence, or persons stranded from their homes.

There are other federal government sponsored energy programs that people facing poverty can look into. They include LIHEAP, which will have cash grants for the very low income, and the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) as well as non-profits that process applications will make sure the funds are sent to the correct people. Referrals for repairs to heating or cooling systems can also be provided by Gwinnett County Helpline.





For people seeking a job, there may be employment support grants. This will be for a very limited, number of defined costs such as work clothing or books. This aid is available only for approved participants in the employment services program.

Another form of help available, for both job seekers or people in training, are Child Care Subsidy vouchers. These resources are also for single moms and others that have no other options available to them.

These are federal government and state of Georgia funded vouchers to pay for a portion of costs. Any expenses paid are based on a sliding scale, so the clients income will be reviewed closely before any support is given. Only one application is needed from the parent, and there will also be information on safe and affordable providers in the region.

Referrals to food in Gwinnet County

Food, including emergency bags of groceries, are available from a Gwinnett County pantry. The service from the Helpline non-profit tries to refer people to a fully stocked center at all times for the disadvantaged, including those seniors 60+ years of age or families with young children. It is for people in need of emergency food.

Once an individual applies, and has proof of their hardship, and after they are identified as being in need of assistance, they may pick up earlier prepared food bags of non-perishable goods each month. Clients without the means to pick up their items may be eligible to have their food delivered to their home if a volunteer is available in their area. Items for this pantry are donated by churches, schools and companies that want to help end hunger in their communities.

Meals on Wheels was designed to provide a nutritious, affordable hot lunch or dinner meal to the area senior citizens as well as home bound. Customer service staff from the helpline have details on these resources. The food items will be delivered by community volunteers to those individuals who are unable to take advantage of the social setting that congregate meal sites in Gwinnett County have to offer.




Residents that struggling with the high prices of medical bills can ask for referrals from Gwinnett County Helpline to Health and Nutrition Services. Clinics will focus on basic needs, such as health maintenance and disease prevention. There may be vouchers for medications, immunizations, and other assistance from volunteer nurses and doctors.

The helpline service is available from Monday to Friday, and call 770-995-3339 for more information on resources.


By Jon McNamara

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