Westmoreland County area Catholic Charities assistance programs.

Some of the services available from the Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Greensburg and Westmoreland County include referrals, emergency financial assistance, case management, and more. The agency also supports other counties such as Fayette. As funding allows, there are some bills they can help people pay for, such as gas and winter heating bills, food, and medications. Other expenses they will not cover and will offer referrals instead to Westmoreland and other local non-profits. This can include rent, security deposits, or even unexpected costs such as car repairs.

Paying for utility and energy costs is a big focus. If someone is faced with a disconnection they could in fact be considered homeless. So Catholic Charities does what it can to help. Emergency financial assistance can pay for utilities such as water bills, natural gas, electricity, and even sewer costs. During the cold Pennsylvania winter months, receive help paying for your heating bills, such as propane, coal, or wood.

The charity also provides for the most basic needs, especially those that could be life threatening. For example, a food box of canned goods or fresh perishable items may be offered. Or look into prescription assistance and vouchers, which are usually offered for people or seniors with health concerns.

The following items are not supported by the Greensburg Catholic Charities. However they can usually offer referrals and other non-monetary support for these needs.

If you are faced with a housing issue, get referrals for rental help or security deposits. Catholic Charities may even offer mortgage payments, or can direct people to free HUD foreclosure counseling. Other aid available in Westmoreland and Armstrong County can include assistance with car payment or repairs, money for funeral expenses, utility security deposits, transportation (such as gasoline our bus passes) and day care.

Get information and referral as well for other aid. This can include resources for local food help for low income families and seniors. The Catholic Charity comprehensive information and referral service is the main tool they use. It provides a central telephone entry point for persons seeking financial or basic needs assistance in the four counties supported by the Diocese. So learn about non-profits or government programs in Armstrong, Indiana, Fayette and Westmoreland County.




Highly trained and certified case managers can offer this information. Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Greensburg is a full fledged member of the regional Alliance of Information and Referral Systems. This organization has an objective of offering referrals for emergency financial assistance, basic needs, case management services, and more.

Specialists from the agency will respond to clients' needs and connect them with possible assistance either within the Catholic Charities system or get connected to other outside community agencies, such as churches or local non-profits.

To expand on this, the referral and information specialists may link qualified low income callers with various services and/or programs such as homeless prevention funds. Or get lists of local family shelter and housing assistance. Child care and rental assistance may be offered in Greensburg, Armstrong and Westmoreland County as well.

Free case management services help qualified families and individuals achieve long term self-sufficiency and stability. These services may include a brief service consultation (debt and budget counseling), needs assessment, referrals to counseling, public health and family support services, and more for individuals and the low income requiring assistance:

Certain disaster programs operate in Pennsylvania as well. Sometimes, due to a crisis, disaster or an emergency such as flood, fire, family violence, or unexpected loss of income, people may take priority in those cases.

There are several churches and locations in the region. If you are seeking assistance locations are at 711 E Pittsburgh St., Greensburg, Pennsylvania 15601 (call (724) 837-1840) as well as 348 N Water St., Kittanning, PA 16201 (phone (724) 548-1009). However you can also dial 1-800-409-6455 in order to a Catholic Charities office or church that may be closer to your area.




By Jon McNamara

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