Green Doors financial assistance programs.

Operating across the counties of Travis, Burnet, and Williamson, Green Doors provides assistance with a focus on the city of Austin. The charity offers services ranging from rental assistance to a clothing closet and free food from a pantry.

The programs will all have different conditions and application processes. For example, many of the main benefactors of the rental assistance include veterans with families, single moms or the disabled. The financial aid is offered as part of the Housing Rental Assistance program. Food and clothing is only for the very needy in the area.

The most vulnerable and families facing eviction may qualify for transitional housing and rental subsidies, utility bill and security deposit assistance, and access to ongoing supportive services. The objective is to either rehouse families or stop them from being evicted in the first place. So self-sufficiency services are administered. In addition, case managers from Green Doors will work with clients to help them locate and move into a permanent source of affordable housing on or before the expiration of their current rental assistance subsidies.

In order to receive any form of financial aid, families from Travis County and other areas served need to be active in an approved self-sufficiency program. There must be a plan in place to pay the rent in the future as well, so the housing needs to be maintained over the long term. Other program are in places as well, with the goal of helping the client gain stability.

It is a subsidy service. This means that the rental unit needs to be reasonably priced and has to be within HUD's published Fair Market Rents. All apartments also need to be approved by staff and they will be inspected. The units will also need to meet all Housing Quality Standards (HQS).

Homeless Prevention is also administered by Green Doors. When a resident of Austin is falling behind on their monthly housing expenses, then assistance can be provided for paying back rent. Oftentimes a grant will be provided to the applicant for this cost.

The not-for profit provides their own homeless or eviction prevention services as well as referrals. These assistance programs allow families and individuals to prioritize their limited income or access loans in an effort to meet their housing needs.




A food pantry is open on site. Clients of the non-profit can shop at the site for their groceries, perishable items, and other commodities. The food bank is stocked by volunteers and uses donations from the community every week to help the needy access a variety of products. Individuals can get free dairy products, meats, fresh produce, breads, non-perishable foods, pasta, juice, and more.

When found to be qualified, each recipient from Travis, Williamson, or Burnet County Texas will receive a free box of food with high-protein items, beverages, nutritious foods, and more. The items are passed out in partnership with Capital Area Food Bank and local charities or non-profits. If your workplace, school, church or other not for profit organization would like to hold a food drive to assist the efforts of the pantry, call Green Doors for more information.

Another resource is the Clothing Closet. Each week needy families from Austin can “shop" at the clothing bank. The center will allow them to meet their personal hygiene and apparel needs. The gently used clothing center will be stocked with undergarments, coats, winter coats, shoes and cleaning supplies or hygiene items. There are items for women, children, and men from the community.

While the size of the facility is limited, each recipient of the clothing bank can utilize the closet monthly. Please keep in mind that distributed items are received through local donations from partner agencies or charities.

Green Doors is located at 1503 S. I-35, Austin, Texas 78741. For information on their services and more, dial 877-541-7905.




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