Assistance from Love Inc. Greater Sheldon.

Basic needs can be met by local churches and through the clearinghouse at Love Inc. of Sheldon. The charity runs what are known as ministries, and the locations provide low income, working poor, and unemployed families with help. Assistance is also for the elderly, seniors, disabled, and less fortunate.

Love Inc. itself doesn’t offer support, but instead they coordinate the programs and resources that are administered by churches. They may also offer referrals and information on government aid, such as housing, rent, food, and energy assistance. Basically, the Love clearinghouse, and the staff that work there, do their best to meet the needs of the poor and low income in the region. Some of the main services offered in the O'Brien County and other regions are below.

Blankets and beds are offered by churches such as St. Paul Lutheran. That particular location distributes both used and new bedding of all kinds to the needy, poor, and low income. The ministry may have items such as quilts, pillows, mattress pads, blankets, and more. They partner with the Furniture and Appliance Ministry and also rely on volunteers from the region.

Similar to above is the Furniture and Appliance Ministry. There may be gently used beds, couches, chairs, dining room sets, stoves, refrigerators, and more. Churches and other partners work with Love Inc. on administering this service.

Baby supplies are available in the region, and Love Inc. of Greater Sheldon coordinates this. There may be free diapers, baby toiletries, clothing, and more offered by First Reformed Church of Sheldon. There are also items for new parents, including single moms, such as blankets, hand soap, and cleaning supplies.

Free food is part of the Loving Help Corner Grocery. This is for people in the mentor program. Other items may include holiday meals and boxes of food. Another meal, snack, or food program for children and students is the Friday Backpack Ministry. Immanuel Christian Reformed Church and the volunteers that are part of this program will pack backs full of food for qualified children, and their families, in Osceola County and other nearby towns in Iowa.

Clothing and household items are available. Charities may have pans, dishes, pots, small kitchen appliances (coffee maker, toaster, etc.) and more. All of this is available through the Household Items Ministry at the local church. The Sheldon Iowa United Methodist Church may have vouchers that people can use to acquire gifts and other basic supplies too. Other goods for people in the Loving Help program include basic hygiene supplies, cleaning products, and similar items.




Free computers are offered at one ministry too. Love Inc. of Sheldon collects electronic from the community. They are then fixed and distributed to those who need them, such as the unemployed that are seeking a job, seniors, or maybe a student.

Very limited transitional housing is part of Love Inc. Homes of Hope Ministry. Churches may offer shelter or very short term lodging to the homeless and evicted in counties such as O'Brien or Osceola Iowa. The clearinghouse may also have referrals to one time financial support for housing expenses, including, but not limited too rent or an energy bill.

Love Inc. may also refer callers to free rides, or maybe basic car repairs, as part of the Transportation Ministry. It will be for local, emergency transportation only, such as a job interview. Some mechanics from the Greater Sheldon Iowa region may also give some labor to help fix a car or van for the disabled.

Loving Help Program is a form of self-sufficiency and case management. It helps address personal growth, such as budgeting, credit repair, and personal growth. There is a Financial Toolkit Workshop, savings and investments, improvement of credit scores, debt relief, and more. Referrals may also be made to job training programs in Iowa.

There are literally dozens of churches that partner with Love Inc. They include the following. Archer Reformed Church, Christian Reformed Church Sanborn, St. Joseph's Catholic Church Hartley, United Methodist in Archer, First Christian Church Sheldon, Immanuel Christian Reformed Church in Sheldon Iowa, St. Anthony's Catholic Church Primghar and many others.

For information on their services, call the Clearinghouse at (712) 324-9707.




By Jon McNamara

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