Grant County Salvation Army social services.

The Grant County Salvation Army provides support to the working poor and less fortunate. The assistance is wide ranging and includes everything from free Christmas toys from the Giving Tree Program to food, nursing home visits, financial aid for rent or water bills and more.

Any residents applying for the social services needs to have proof of income, copies of their identification, information on each child in the home (including birth certificate and/or social security card) and they also need details on the hardship. The Grant County case manager will meet with the applicant to go over all of the Salvation Army assistance programs run from this location.

The center does have partnerships in place for medical needs as well as prescription medications. One of them is with the Moses Lake Community Health Center. The Salvation Army will give vouchers to pay for some of the medications they need. Also, if that center does not offer the services they need, then referrals are given to other dental or health care clinics in the Grant County area. The number of sliding fee scale clinics in Washington is extensive, and they are effective at helping the low income.

Temporary and more permanent lodging is arranged. So Grant County Salvation Army tries to provide housing, but when not possible due to funding, they will link the family to other resources. The Salvation Army is also a source of information on shelter as well as free motel voucher programs in Grant County.

When facing eviction from a home in the Grant County Washington area, then financial aid for rent may be offered. Or when there may be some risk to the Salvation Army, they may decide to issue a loan for rental expenses instead.

The Grant County Salvation Army also assists with utility bills. Low income qualified families can apply for electric bill help for their P.U.D account. Other expenses may be covered too, including gas, water, and propane bills.

Groceries, food, and meals – The Grant County Salvation Army offers many forms of emergency assistance from their food pantry. Clients may be given Canned Meats such as Tuna, Ham, Chicken, Cereal, Dried Beans, Rice, Peanut Butter, Beans, and more. Each client will be given enough groceries to last for a few days. If there are special dietary needs, every effort is made to solve them.





The Angel, or Giving Tree Program, is for children from families living in or near poverty. The kid needs to be age 12 or under. What will happen is free toys are given out one week before Christmas. But the parents can in effect “shop” for Christmas gifts as part of the Giving Tree, and they can pick up toys, clothes, and more as donations allow from the center at 212 Alder St.

Additional social services are for children as well as the sick or elderly in Grant County Washington. There are many volunteers in the community that give this support when needed. Since the charity is technically a faith based Christian group, they do take extra care to visit people in nursing homes or a hospital. The Salvation Army will also partner with parents on helping students during the summer break, and there are camps and more arranged.

The services are run from the center at 212 S Alder St Washington 98837. Applicants need to stop by, but there may be waiting times to apply. When they can't make it their may be some local transportation. The phone number is (509) 766-5875.




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