Grand Prairie Texas water bill assistance.

One of the main assistance programs available for paying Grand Prairie water bills is offered by a local charity organization. They raise funds from donations and contributions from the general public, including customers, local businesses, and traditional fund raisers. The Grand Prairie United Charities is the organization that oversees this program for the poor and less fortunate customers in the area. More details on this resource is below, as well as other services such as payment plans and information or referrals.

The non-profit Grand Prairie United Charities organization was created back in the 1950s. The goal was to help meet emergency needs, including water expenses, of Grand Prairie Texas residents. The organization is known locally as GPUC for short. Most of the financial aid is offered for people facing a short term crisis or some form of temporary financial setback. GPUC works with qualified families early, before they face disconnection. The charity strongly believes that prompt intervention in the form of emergency financial assistance can stop a potential crisis before it escalates. Early action can help prevent the individual or family from being without food, shelter, water, or other utility service.

The program is limited and scope and resources. A big reason being that it relies on donations. Anyone can contribute to those in need and the funds will be used to help keep water. Individuals and businesses can donate as little or as much as they would like. It can be a few dollars here or there, or even just $1. This can also be automatically added to your monthly water bill.

The money goes directly into a dedicated account that is maintained at the city of Grand Prairie. All money is used exclusively to assist with water payments. Any contributions will not go to administrative fees or overhead costs.

If you apply for help, note that there are numerous conditions in place. If you are found to be qualified, households can only apply at most once per year. So only use this program as a last resort, if you have no other local options.




Those families or households with a delinquent water bill can apply for financial assistance to Grand Prairie United Charities up to once a year for assistance. Priority is often for those at risk if they were to lose their water, so that can be people with a medical condition, frail elderly, or families with infants or young children. Proof of this will be needed as well.

The charity and the fund they created is small. It currently operates on around $20,000 per year (on average). Please donate if you can. Once again, while funding does vary, the program can usually only help a couple hundred families a year. The need for water bill and other utility assistance is exponentially greater and you can help.

If you need help or for more information, contact Grand Prairie United Charities. The non-profit is located at 1417 Densman Street, Grand Prairie, Texas 75051, dial (972) 262-2014.

Please start giving today if you can. People can sign up for a monthly donation to families who need assistance paying their bill. Or make a one time, tax deductible contribution.

Grand Prairie Water can also offer payment plans, extensions and other aid. Referrals may be provided to other local programs, such as the Salvation Army or Catholic Charities. The Utility Customer Service department is located at 317 W. College St. in Grand Prairie, Texas 75053. Call 972-237-8200 to explore other options and resources.



By Jon McNamara

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