Gospel Mission assistance programs.

Using donations from the Montgomery County community as well as fund raisers, the charity organization known as Gospel Mission will focus on providing food. They can also offer some other support on occasion, such as free items from a thrift store, computers from a service known as God's Mission, and one time financial aid. However most of the focus is on basic needs.

Support for senior citizens in Montgomery County

Some services will try to ensure that senior citizens receive a meal. Whether they live at their own home or another location, everything from Meals on Wheels is combined with assistance from a Senior Nutrition Program. This resource targets disabled as well as low-income elderly members of the region. The applicant's income is not a factor in determining meal eligibility, though the majority of people that use it are very low income or living in poverty.

Gospel Mission provides congregate meals at senior centers as well as home delivered food items to the homebound if they can't make it to the store or a meal site. Volunteers will deliver goods to the home in Dayton Ohio, and in some instances transportation is even provided for those congregate participants who need it.

Gospel Mission Meals on Wheels ensure that homebound participants, whether they are disabled or seniors who can no longer drive, receive at least one hot as well as nutritious meal per day. There is a special holiday service, such as a free meal at Christmas as well as a turkey for Thanksgiving.

The agency also wants to ensure that the person will receive the added benefit of someone dropping in at their home daily. This allows the home delivery driver to communicate with the client and check in on the senior in Montgomery County. They can check on their health and provide some company too.

The congregate meal program is available at different locations in Dayton. This Gospel Mission service promotes staying healthy by giving seniors a reason to get out of the house. So they can stay active, take part in eating a health meal, and participate in fellowship with others from the community.




Whether it is a home delivery or meal served on site, the Gospel Mission Senior Nutrition meals provide one-third the recommended USDA daily allowance of nutrients. This particular assistance program strives to break the cycle of poor nutrition among the elderly.

Seniors can also enroll into the USDA Commodity Supplemental Food Program. This is a federal government sponsored service. It provides free food, groceries, canned items, dried beans, fruits, and more to low income senior citizens. There are income criteria for this Gospel Mission service.

TEFAP - Emergency Food Assistance is another option. This one usually operates monthly, while the commodity foods noted above will normally be quarterly. Anyone from Montgomery County is eligible for TEFAP, regardless of their age, race, or religion.

Gospel Mission sponsored congregate meals are served at Senior Dining Centers. These can be at churches or other public places, such as Agency on Aging Centers. The locations offer free food, fellowship, and fun for residents age 60 or older. If the senior person spouses is under the age of 60, they too can receive a free meal.

General Gospel Mission food programs

Apply for the state of Ohio SNAP food stamp program. Case managers can refer very low income families to this benefit. It provides monthly financial benefits on an EBT card to income eligible households. Then, the family can bring this card to the store in which they shop at, and it will help them pay for a portion of their groceries. It will only cover more canned grocery items, and not prepared meals or paper products.

The Gospel Mission Food Pantry, sometimes called Fishes and Loaves, provides services to low to moderate income households or those facing a crisis. It is available in Montgomery County as well as Dayton, and can even support people from nearby counties too. Clients have the ability to shop for their own items at the pantry. This allows the person to select only what they need.





The pantry uses donations to keep it running. There are contributions from stores such as Kroger as well as Wal-Mart. National organizations such as Feeding America also contribute to the operation. Volunteers work there as well, and all this support is vital to keeping the pantry fully stocked.

Gospel Mission operates a thrift store too. Staff and volunteers from across Montgomery County collect, clean, sort and sell clothing and other household goods. There may be furniture, small appliances, blankets, and more. If the shopper is facing a disaster (such as fire or flood) or has a low enough income, then a voucher may be given to them so they can obtain free clothing for work or school needs.

Additional services

A service known as Gospel Mission can provide gently used furniture and items such as computers. This can be critical for employment needs for a working poor family. The charity can sometimes provide other support too. There may be referrals to financial aid for everything from housing expenses, such as rent or utilities, to medications.

While Gospel Mission may sometimes have funds for financial aid, in most cases the agency will provide referrals. For more information or to apply, the charity is located at 64 Burns Avenue in Dayton, OH 45401. The phone number is (937) 223-4513.



By Jon McNamara

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