Financial resources from GMN Tri-County Community Action Council.

Offering a combination of referrals and direct financial aid, the GMN Tri-County Community Action Council helps less fortunate families and individuals. They provide services across the counties of Guernsey, Monroe, and Noble Counties.

Depending on many factors, such as funding levels, the non-profit may be able to pay out financial aid for certain situations. Much of this is the result of federal government or state of Ohio programs, such as HEAP. However this is always limited and comes with restrictions.

In other instances case managers from the agency will refer individuals to other local charities or non-profit organizations. Regardless, the GMN Tri-County CAC is always focused on helping people gain long term self-sufficiency, and this includes employment, education, and similar services.

The community action agency is now able to help low and moderate-income individuals as a result of the resources from the Ohio Benefit Bank. There is assistance for families in Guernsey, Noble, and Monroe Counties. Clients can get help in gaining access to public benefit programs or government aid for which they are eligible.

Often, people encounter difficulty with the cumbersome and complex application process for such benefit programs, preventing them from receiving entitlements. The OBB from GMN Tri-County Community Action Council works to eliminate barriers between people in need and available resources.

The agency offers free federal government income tax preparation and filing services to low income families from counties such as Guernsey and others. Help is provided by tax counselors who are trained to ensure that families receive all government tax credits for which they qualify.

The state of Ohio Homeless Prevention Program assists households or tenants that are currently behind on their rent. There is also support for the homeless, people who or are at risk of becoming homeless, and others faced with crisis situations. Such emergencies can include court-ordered eviction, home foreclosure, reduced income, medical emergencies, and so on. Tri-County CAC has staff available to assist with the application process for government grants for paying back rent. Or there may be funds for paying a security deposit or other fees.




The agency runs the Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program, or HEAP. It is a federal government funded utility and heating bill assistance program that assists income-eligible households whose heating services are scheduled to be disconnected. There are funds for people who are threatened with a disconnection from their energy provider, or have less than a ten-day supply of bulk fuel left.

The state of Ohio HEAP assistance may also include providing deposits to establish primary and/or secondary heating service. Benefits are provided in the form of a one-time grant for restoration, establishment, or maintenance of home heating service.

EEPP - Electric Energy Partnership from GMN Tri-County Community Action Council provides households with services that help to reduce the electric usage of PIPP customers. It can reduce charges and also provide for conservation measures.

Additional EEPP services include free energy education and electric insulation retrofits for eligible utility customers in Nobleand, Guernsey County or nearby towns. The retrofit process begins with an onsite electrical energy audit, which is followed by installation of retrofits such as the replacement of refrigerator and freezer; addition of energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs; and the addition of electric hot water tank and pipe wraps and low-flow water devices. Another component of the conservation resource provides free home weatherization measures, including sidewall, attic, and floor insulation and blower door-directed air leakage work.

EHRP - Emergency Home Repair Program is funded by the Ohio Housing Trust Fund, under the direction of the Ohio Department of Development, and makes emergency home repairs to the homeowners in Monroe, Guernsey, and Noble Counties. A focus is on the elderly and disabled in the area.

Another energy service is the GMN Tri-County CAC Home Weatherization Assistance, or HWAP. This enables low-income and working poor families to save money on their bills by providing energy-efficient measures for their homes.





The government supported weatherization services can people maybe hundreds of dollars per year on their energy bills each year. In addition, HWAP partners with Columbia Gas and American Electric Power to provide other avenues for assisting income-eligible households with home energy efficiency.

Dental assistance is available from GMN Healthy Smiles. This is an owned and operated general dentistry practice located at 606 West Street in Caldwell, Ohio. The non-profit and its volunteers as well as staff serve all ages. The dentists may offer oral evaluations for children from birth to age three, right into adulthood.

Low income qualified parents of young children are provided with information on the teething cycle, instruction on brushing and flossing, and details on how to prevent decay. From three and up, patients of the clinic will receive complete comprehensive care including x-rays, cleanings, restorations, examinations, extractions, crown and bridge work, sealants, low cost dentures or partials.

The Senior Community Service Employment Program, or SCSEP as it is commonly called, can help residents who are 65 years old and up. It is for people that have limited proficiency in the English language or low literacy skills but are looking for a job.

There is help and guidance for individuals who reside in rural areas; those that have served in the armed services; are homeless, or have limited employment prospects. To be eligible for SCSEP, applicants legally eligible to work in the US, must be 55 or older, and meet low income limits too.

Additional GMN Tri-County Community Action Council resources are available for seniors. They can get help from the Commodity Food Program, Transportation to a critical appointment, housekeeping duties, Home-Delivered Meals, Senior Companion Program, and also the benefit from Alzheimer’s services.

GMN Tri-County Head Start service is a free preschool program that also provides comprehensive support in regard to social services, health, and nutrition to low-income children. It for those that are aged three to 5 years and their families.




Similar to above is the federal funded Early Head Start. This however serves pregnant women and families with children from birth/infant age through age two. Resources are provided to the family with the goal of preparing children to enter kindergarten, but there can also be positive effects of Head Start programming often continue into adulthood.

For more information on these and other programs from the organization, call or stop by an office. Case managers from the non-profit will conduct an intake and review the client’s financial situation with them, offer recommendations, and help to the best of their ability.

  • Noble County Office, 615 North Street, Caldwell, OH 43724, Phone: 740-732-2388
  • GMN Guernsey County Office, 740-439-7634
  • Monroe County Office, call 740-472-0828


By Jon McNamara

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