Glynn County Salvation Army emergency assistance.

Families in Glynn County that are in a short term emergency may be able to get help from the Salvation Army. The non-profit will also provide support to residents impacted by a disaster as well as the youth in the community. Resources ranging from Project SHARE to feeding programs, one-time rent help, and other financial aid may be provided.

When seeking assistance, specifically for paying bills, an appointment is needed. The goal is to provide  some form of help for the crisis. So if a family is facing an eviction due to unpaid utility bills or rent arrears, there may be some money offered. Or there can be vouchers for medications, placement into Brunswick shelters, or a box of groceries from the food pantry.

Glynne County Project SHARE, which will be the tool used by the Salvation Army to provide a cash grant for paying these expenses, will involve a full assessment of the client. A case manager from the Glynn County center will take a look at the need. They will also review the applicant's income and self-sufficiency plan. Based on the results of that, there may be some funds for paying a portion of a critical bill.

Funds are limited. Residents can check in with the office to see what, if anything, Project SHARE may still have available. Since it runs mostly from donations, including from utility companies, and the resources are limited, only a small number of Glynn County families may receive help. This is also done first come and served.

Salvation Army of Glynn also helps youth. Not only can they too receive a meal or a box of free food, but more social type services are offered. They range from summer camp to scouting trips, music and drama classes. There is also after school care, which lower income parents can avail themselves of.

Mortgage and/or medical assistance may be provided by Project Hope. This is for Glynn County area families impacted by a major, life changing catastrophe. Examples of this may be a serious illness, unexpected disability, disaster, or some other major even that the family did not cause on their own.

When qualified, there may be financial support for everything from a home loan payment to medications, water or utility bill arrears. It can help address the needs for housing and medical care that can often be needed in these situations.




Food assistance and basic needs is also available in Glynn County. The Salvation Army runs a pantry and low cost thrift store. Between these two resources income qualified families can be given a box of groceries or clothing for work. Some seasonal programs are also available in the Brunswick Georgia area, and those may be Christmas gift or school supplies such as notebooks, backpacks, and uniforms.

Assistance during a disaster can also be arranged by the Salvation Army. They run an emergency relief program for people impacted by hurricanes and other events. There may be food, meals, and water given out both to the families impacted and first responders. Case managers will also help people find emergency shelter in the Glynn County area. There may also be limited financial aid provided, such as a voucher for a motel room.

The local Brunswick unit will also provide referrals. There are other non-profits as well as government agencies in the region that can offer a number of support services in various areas. There may be basic needs, such as food or clothing. Housing is provided by Salvation Army partners too, and that may be lodging in a shelter or the funds for a security deposit or rent. Also, case managers can direct families living in poverty to state benefits such as SNAP food stamps.

While there are many resources available from the Salvation Army, they are limited and are often for come and served to those that qualify. For more information, the location is at (912) 265.9381, and the address is 1624 Reynolds St, Brunswick, Georgia 31520.




By Jon McNamara

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