Garfield County Salvation Army assistance programs.

The main financial aid programs from the Glenwood Springs are focused on a few needs. They include heating bills, rent payments to stop an eviction, prescription medications, and housing. Those resources are available year round (as funding allows) and can be combined with seasonal support, such as the winter coat drive.

The center also partner with other organizations in both Garfield County and nearby towns. This is done as the site of the operation in Glenwood Springs is limited. So they are not always able to have a shelter available, or some of the other requests such as for transitional housing can't be met locally.

Over the course of the year, anywhere from several hundred to over 1,000 individuals may be given some form of help. Only a few qualify for direct financial aid though. So most of the assistance is provided in other ways, such as food from a pantry or a voucher to use for shopping at a thrift store. Or the Glenwood Springs Salvation Army will just listen to the request and try to provide emotional support, at the least.

Free winter coat drives – This is an annual event that takes place in the fall/early winter months, with the most common period being early October. It is intended to ensure that children are kept warm during the winter months and that senior citizens are have the proper attire they need. The program can offer the following.

  • Free winter coats.
  • Jacket for teenagers and children under the age of 14. Most are gently used.
  • Other attire, such as hats, gloves, boots, and snow pants.

This program also evolves into some of the Christmas Programs that are available from the Garfield County Salvation Army. As when the Salvation Army is working with local churches or businesses on collecting coats, come September – December the charity starts collecting more goods. There may be toys, gifts, dolls for girls, trucks for boys, and much more. This is then given to children from low income families that qualify for Adopt a Family and/or Toys for Tots.

Families that are struggling, but that have some form of income coming in the door, can apply for emergency financial help. The Glenwood Springs center will not just come and pay out money to individuals without a plan for stability. In addition, the Salvation Army will only make partial contributions, and they will never pay an entire expense on their own. The fact the applicant needs to contribute also passes on responsibility to that person.





Some of the help available may include, but is not limited too, the following. The Garfield County Salvation Army will offer assistance for a rental payment by paying the landlord or apartment community directly. When there is funding, it will normally be in the tens of dollars (under $100).

Other bills that the agency may cover will be heat, and this can keep the power on for a defined period of time. The funds will also be made to the utility provider in Colorado. Other uses of money may be for life-saving prescription drugs, emergency transportation, certain health supplements, and the like.

In-kinds goods are offered. This comes from both the food pantry as well as thrift store. Clients can be given a box of groceries, or shop at the thrift store for some household goods. The food may feed a households for up to several days. The Glenwood Springs Salvation Army also tries to respond quickly in a disaster, and they may give the impacted resident clothing, bottle water, and other supplies.

The office of the Garfield County Salvation Army is located at 1004 Grand Ave, Glenwood Springs, Colorado 81601-3604. For more details on their services, call 970-945-6976.




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