Gathering Inn assistance programs.

Offering help in Placer County along with referrals or limited support in portions of Sacramento, the Gathering Inn assists the homeless and people that are behind on their rent by giving referrals only. A wide array of services are administered by the charity, and they include not only rapid rehousing but also other resources such as a Community Health Clinic.

The currently homeless can benefit from Rapid Rehousing. There is financial support and guidance for individuals, veterans and families in need of low cost housing or apartments. Assistance may include, but is not limited to, referrals to stabilization services, short- or medium-term rental assistance, and other non-monetary support such as mediation or free credit counseling services. The Emergency Solutions Grant is what allows this service to be provided in the area.

While more limited, the Gathering Inn could have information on regional agencies and link people to suggestions for funds for paying security or utility deposits or overdue energy bills if they would lead to homelessness if gone unpaid. There is also more local moving cost assistance for the immediate Placer County area. For this particular rehousing program, applicants may be issued a loan, and they must be Placer County residents and have sustainable income to qualify. Funding for any emergency funds for rent or other housing expenses is first come, first serve to those that qualify. Attending ongoing case management is also a requirement.

Homeless Prevention is similar to above and is another option. The Gathering Inn may have information on emergency financial assistance and other services for individuals and families who would be evicted without it. While there may be government grants from ESG as part of this, another key component is non-financial support such as landlord and tenant mediation.

Those seeking a place to live can receive assistance from a couple shelters that are run by the non-profit. They are based in Auburn as well as Roseville California. Not only can guests receive clothing, a bed to sleep in, and basic needs such as the use of showers, but there is also case management provided too. This touches upon enrollment into transitional housing and also addressing any medical issues.





Churches in areas such as Sacramento partner with the Gathering Inn on helping the homeless. They serve them a hot meal and volunteers from many locations offer guidance and just a kind ear.

There is also short term housing and/or shelter for people leaving a hospital, and this is known as the Interim Care Program. This will ensure someone that may otherwise be homeless has a place to stay, and key partners are Kaiser Medical as well as Sutter Roseville Medical.

Medical assistance is part of the Community Health Clinic. Working with partners such as St. Vincent DePaul and volunteers RNs or doctors, there is free triage medical care for people without insurance. This is generally only offered once per week in Roseville Campus, and it can cover both check ups and referrals to dental providers.

Gathering Inn Clothing Closet may have items for anyone in need, with a focus in job seekers in Sacramento County or other nearby counties. Shoes, belts, winter coats, suits, and much more is available. There may also be items for single moms for their children or back to school supplies.

A Community Resource Center allows clients to have access to computers for creating a resume and searching for jobs. There is also advice on other topics available at the center, ranging from transitional housing to low cost apartments. Or meet with a case manager to apply for public aid such as General Relief, Food stamps, or Medi-Cal. This Gathering Inn facility is at 201 Berkeley Avenue, Roseville.

Direct financial aid is not provided, but they offer referrals only. Many other services are arranged by the Gathering Inn, ranging from Access to Recovery to help for the disabled and senior citizens in Placer and nearby Sacramento County. Staff also offer referrals and other support as needed. The address is 201 Berkeley Ave, Roseville, California 95678, call 916-498-1000.



By Jon McNamara

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