Gateway Community Outreach assistance programs.

Food, one time assistance for paying bills such as rent or energy, and self-sufficiency are just some examples of the services available from Gateway Community Outreach. The charity organization provides help across the county of Broward and hundreds of local families may call upon the center for assistance. Another focus is on addressing the cause of the crisis, and staff will partner with clients on activities such as credit counseling or job placement.

Help with rent and bills as well as self-sufficiency

Clients behind on their rent utilities (including water or electric bills) can turn to homeless prevention. The agency and its partners will provide qualified low income individuals and families with a case manager. They will help them apply for financial aid, whether government grants for rent or LIHEAP utility bill assistance. They will also look into payment plans from their energy or even water provider.

Limited cash assistance is for evictions, health care bills, utility cut-offs and other vital needs. This type of aid is limited, and is the last resort for men, women, single parents and their children who have nowhere else to go for help. Proof of need as well as income is required, and that is the only qualification required. All applications and requests are reviewed on a one-off basis, as funds from Gateway Community Outreach are very limited.

The case manager will also help guide the client on their path to self-sufficiency, and this is a requirement to receiving any financial aid. Gateway Community Outreach solution-focused case management process focuses on helping low to moderate income individuals solve problems that may arise. This is done by connecting them with community services across Broward County or the state to meet long-term needs.

The case management process will set and track goals. The process will address Basic Education Skills, Legal needs, Substance Abuse, Mental Health, as well as Social/Family Relationships. Of course, there will also be information on job training in Florida, including the WIA program and state resources. A key to paying the rent on time in the future is stable employment, and more information is below.




The education and vocational services were created in an effort to help individuals increase education and job skills. This is done in an effort to address employment needs of the working poor and low income. There are a number of Life Skill Classes help, and these will be required based on plans created with case managers. They will include the following.

  • G.E.D. Classes will involve tutors pacing students according to their skills. There is also pre-testing is available on an individual basis.
  • Workshops at local center include banking, budgeting, job preparation, parenting, and other skills used in daily living.
  • Job placement classes in Broward County help with interview training and resume development.
  • Computer classes across the area teach students basic skills to advanced use of Windows operating systems.
  • Budgeting, such as credit repair or debt reduction sessions. Financial Counseling is available for free as a result of a partnership with Consolidated Credit Solutions Inc.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) can help immigrants in Broward County. All students will work in small groups with staff and teachers to improve their conversational English skills. This will help them land a job, and also meet communication and life skill needs.

If help is not available, then volunteers from Gateway Community Outreach have referrals. They partner with over 80 agencies or churches in Broward County, and they work together address the needs of families.

Emergency food and basic needs from Gateway Community Outreach

The Food Bank, which is a form of Resource Center, is created as a partnership with faith-based and social service organizations. Gateway Community Outreach will partner with other groups across Broward County to help feed the hungry and working poor.





All across Florida, there are a number of free soup kitchens, food pantries and even shelters for the homeless. There are sites in Coral Springs, Deerfield Beach, Davie, Green Acres (Palm Beach), Lauderhill, as well as Pompano. Each uses donations and contributions from the public as well as surplus government food. This is offered from each site and the locations support the low income and people in poverty.

Another focus is on assisting parents with Baby Needs. The center may have free diapers and baby food or formula. These will be distributed for clients on a low income, including single moms, with children as an emergency assistance. There are also free gift certificated for clothing.

There are some other food assistance programs too. Staff can direct families to public aid, such as SNAP food stamp benefits or similar resources. There are also local home delivery of meals for the most vulnerable and low income in the community, so this is another key benefit of the services from Gateway Community Outreach.

The address is 291 SE 1st Terrace, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33441. Dial 954-725-8434.




By Jon McNamara

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