Gaithersburg HELP programs.

Numerous programs as well as social services from Gaithersburg HELP assist working poor families. The organization will assess an applicants needs, and provide support as resources allow. There may be applications to benefits such as SNAP food stamps as well as job placement services. Other services include HELP RX (prescription) as well as transportation. There are programs from their resource center to help Montgomery County residents deal with the crisis and achieve long term stability.

Most of the financial aid resolves around ensuring clients gain stability. For example, rental assistance  helps clients and supports the working poor by hopefully allowing people to remain living in their home. This is also true of funds for energy bills, as keeping the power on will also reduce homelessness.

Gaithersburg HELP employment and counseling

The vulnerable, whether the unemployed, disabled or people with a mental health issue, can get referrals to support services in Montgomery County. There are staff member or medical professionals who meet with clients to provide advice. There is also a social worker who meets with the individual each day, and they also organize addiction recovery groups if needed.

Gaithersburg HELP sponsored job readiness classes or workshops are held. All across the community will be individual tutoring, and clients can get support in preparing resumes. Once that has been achieved and an interview has been lined up, then clothing, transportation, free voice mail for job seekers, and free computer access will be arranged.

A Ready to Work program is available in cooperation with one stop job centers. Also, the federal government and state of Maryland are key partners of this. The program includes career counseling. Then, the next step is providing homeless adults with transitional work, where they can get experience and skills. There will be ongoing individualized support in hope of leading to permanent work.

The location serves as a single point of access where men and women from Montgomery County Maryland can access the resources that are available to help them find and keep a job. It not only has information on those services, but staff provide assistance in applying for other aid such as housing or benefits.





Help for bills and food needs

During a short term crisis, many people struggle with keeping up with their monthly bills. Maybe a client has an unexpected health condition or death in the family. In these or similar situations, it often becomes a  struggle to pay the rent or keep a roof overhead. Other people struggle with keeping the utilities turned on or buying groceries. In these instances, there may be funds from either a loan or emergency financial assistance. This is short term and can help families by giving them time to get their lives back to normal.

This is very limited, and depends on a complete review of the financial conditions. The Proof of income, what the client has done to gain self-sufficiency, and more is required by Gaithersburg HELP. An interview is also required with a case manager, who gives them a list of documentation to bring with them.

In some instances, other types of assistance will be offered in the form of referrals to other non-profit organizations. This may include the following.

  • Clinics in Montgomery County can address health care needs.
  • Human service offices will provide applications to SSI or food stamps, among other benefits.
  • Volunteers from some charities may offer transportation to a job interview.
  • Credit counseling can help with reducing debts.
  • Local transportation is arranged for the Gaithersburg area.

Prescription drug assistance is provided as part of the Gaithersburg HELP RX. It is for patients with a low income or that do not have insurance that will pay for the medication. The staff will offer referrals to other local resources.





Food and meals are arranged by pantries and soup kitchens, which are sometimes called Community Table. Another resource for low income children is Pack-A-Sack 4 Kids, and this is a community outreach program of local school boards, charities and teachers. Many of these programs are designed to help address chronic hunger among children in the region.

The agency will also offer assistance for new moms and their babies. There are free diapers available throughout the year. Other aid can include formula and free food until the child is one year old.

Gaithersburg HELP Food Pantries address emergency needs. The locations are for people who find themselves unable to purchase groceries due to temporary financial problems. Distribution centers are staffed by volunteers from churches and other caring organizations. Qualified applicants can receive a box of groceries and maybe even an article of clothing.

Immigrants to Maryland can receive guidance. The agency will help in the preparation they need to be successful throughout the naturalization process. There are centers that offer free advice and classes, such as ESOL or other aid required to achieve naturalization. The main address is 301 Muddy Branch Road, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878, or call 301-216-2510.




By Jon McNamara

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