Emergency assistance in Friendly House.

A leading non-profit organization in the region is Friendly House. Case managers from the agency will meet with applicants to understand what their challenges are. Based on this, the person may be directed to everything from financial aid to job training or credit counseling. Or if there is not funding available, or if Friendly House can't help, then this will be communicated too.

The services were created to be temporary in nature. This means that if someone has no plan in place to get back on track, then referrals may be given in lieu of direct assistance. However clients may get information on everything from rent help to applications to food programs and much more.

Youth under the age of 12 can get assistance from the agency. They offer After school care, summer camps, clothing supplies for school and provide food. The meals are given regardless of race or income. One key goal is to prevent hunger of the youth in Davenport.

Receive referrals to Scholarship Programs or Grants – Friendly House is a source of information for children/students that reside in Scott County. There is information on various scholarships for both moderate and low income families.

Some are based on income, and in those cases the applicant needs to have a gross household income must be within 125 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. In these cases, the applicant or their family must be currently receiving or agree to educational case management.

Friendly House partners with local community action agencies on VITA - Volunteer Income Tax Assistance. This is a resource for low to moderate-income Scott County residents. VITA volunteers prepare federal and state of Iowa tax returns free of charge to those who are unable to prepare their own, either do to lack of education or resources.

The food bank operated by the agency will help low-income clients manage their dietary needs. It can provide help to the unemployed in Scott County or those families that live between paychecks or during an emergency. Applicants need a proof of ID as well as current address as well. Clients of Friendly House receive a three-day supply of shelf-stable food, fresh produce, and frozen ground beef or turkey.





Boxed or Canned Soups, vegetables and soups, whole-wheat pastas, beans, Peanut Butter and low-sugar cereals are also available. There is also a soup kitchen for Davenport residents in poverty. The location is supported by food and monetary donations as well.

Supportive Services for Seniors include in-home care and outtake. The agency offers a center for the elderly to drop in at for recreational activities (such as bingo, games, field trips and more). Senior citizens can also learn about resources to help with housekeeping and personal care to caregivers and the elderly. The support is also for Supplemental Security Income recipients and other low-income Scott County residents who are in need. Activities covered include Shopping, Bathing, Grooming, Dressing, Housecleaning, Laundry, and Meal Preparation and Clean-Up.

The fact is that help with the routine tasks of daily life often makes it possible for seniors and those with disabilities to remain independent and in their own homes. Friendly House can help arrange this service.

When funds are available, Friendly House provides emergency financial help. This can include money for rent expenses for employed individuals going through a short term crisis but who are facing eviction. The program has a waiting list, and only small dollar amounts may be offered.

Due to less funding available to help the homeless population of Scott County, the Friendly House relies on partnerships with other non-profit organizations and groups to obtain the necessary resources to adequately serve such a vulnerable community. While rent help may be offered, other forms of aid can be funds for energy or heating bills, medications for the sick, or boxes of food.

Other emergency needs can be met as well. The other support may be for transportation, clothing, or gasoline vouchers for work. The goal is to ensure the family has the clothes they need for work, or children have what is needed for school. There may also be bus tokens for travel in Davenport, and this is part of their transportation services.





Available in the state of Iowa since the 1970, the federally funded LIHEAP Program pays a portion of home-heating costs for qualifying applicants. At the state level, the program is administered by the  Department of Housing and Community Development's Division of Community Services. However applications are taken locally by non-profits, which Friendly House staff can offer referrals too. They in fact act as a local LIHEAP administrator for residents of Scott County. LIHEAP runs from the beginning of November through the end of April.

Not only can a grant assist with paying an utility bill, but some participants may also be eligible for discounts on gas, electric, and even mobile phone bills from Life-link. Applicants must show an annual income of 60 percent of the federal poverty level to receive assistance.

For more information, the address is 1221 Myrtle Street, Davenport, Iowa 52804. Or call the Friendly House at 563-323-1821.



By Jon McNamara

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