Rescue Mission of Fresno California.

Very basic needs are served by the Fresno Rescue Mission. Most of the aid is for the homeless, very low income, poor, and maybe victims of domestic disputes and other emergencies. The organization is a faith based group but will help anyone in the community that is really struggling.

Emergency shelters are available for a broad range of residents, including women with children, men, single women, men with children, parents and families in need of emergency care. There is also a cold weather Warming Center open when the temperature drops. People will get a place to stay and then more importantly information on other services, such as self-sufficiency or information on permanent housing.

The goal of the Rescue Mission in Fresno California is to offer resources to give people a hand out of poverty and homelessness. So the guests of the shelters can access the case management services as noted below.

Medical Center is a location for people to go to after they have been discharged from local hospitals. A referral is needed from a regional clinic or medical center in order to use this Rescue Mission program. It is run in partnership with Marjaree Mason Center, Clinica Sierra Vista, the Hospital Council of Northern and Central California and other local charities and non-profit agencies. Some of what may be offered includes meals, medical check ups, and other support.

Case management is a form of Community Care. This assistance program is offered in partnership with groups in Fresno such as churches, community action agencies, legal and health services, and other groups. What is available will put clients on track to stability and self-sufficiency.

It leads to the Next Step Process. Case managers work with people to help them exit the homeless and low income lifestyle. Guests of this program will reside in short term, transitional housing facilities, participate in simplified work therapy roles, and gain other support. They will work with the Rescue Mission Case Manager to discuss personal goals and daily activities. Some of what is available from Next Step includes opportunities, housing, and other social services.

Other services administered are literacy, Christian education and GED preparation course. The mission will also offer general life skills, career development and a wide range of employment services. Everything is done in an effort to end homeless and help people gain stability.




Meals, food pantries, and nutrition assistance is available. The Fresno Rescue Mission receives donations of food from local businesses, non-profits and individuals. All items provided are used to find guests of the shelters, the homeless, and those that need a meal. In many cases they are also able to share food with other ministries, agencies, and churches. Some of what may be offered includes a free breakfast, a sack lunch, and a hot dinner. In addition, food baskets may be passed out to individuals or families recommended by the agencies ministry directors. 310 G Street Fresno California 93706, call (559) 268-0839 for details.

A thrift store is available as well. It is open for the general public. The Fresno Rescue Mission Thrift Store and Cars sells goods to the community, provides the ability for people to gain experience by working there, and also accepts donated cars. At-risk very low income individuals and families as well as the Homeless will continue to receive free clothing and household goods from the thrift store.

The local thrift store is also used as an employment training center. It in effect offers job training for the unemployed, men and women in the Next Steps process mentioned above. All money raised from the sale of goods, clothing, and other items at the thrift store, are used to maintain and expand the services of the Rescue Mission. The location of the center is Fresno Rescue Mission Thrift Store and Cars, 181 E. Sierra Ave., Fresno. Telephone (559)440-0870.



By Jon McNamara

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