Fresno rent assistance programs.

Locate information on Fresno agencies and rental assistance programs. Several non-profit housing agencies, shelters, and charities in the County provide a number of rental assistance programs and services to the low income.

Many of the agencies focus more on providing referrals and information on housing assistance programs. However some of the Fresno organization may be able to provide direct financial assistance for paying rent and a host of other eviction prevention services and counseling. For those that are currently homeless the agencies may have information on transitional housing units as well. Also learn about federal government housing and other rent assistance programs that focus on the low income, people on the verge of homelessness, and general Fresno area low income housing.

Fresno Citadel Worship Center - The non-profit family service center helps the low income and working poor meet needs through offering emergency rent assistance, food, energy and utility assistance; transitional housing, and low income housing. Fresno, CA (559) 233-0139

Sanctuary Transitional Living Centers 1 & 2 - Work with case manager to get access to supportive services to assist youth in finding permanent low income housing and achieving self-sufficiency over long term. 1046 T Street Fresno California, 93721 Phone: 268-1045

Catholic Charities
149 N. Fulton St.
Fresno California, 93701 Phone: 237-0851
This agency provides social services and various forms of assistance to those people in need of help, including information on rent help. Services include senior care programs and they are a great place to call for information and guidance. More on Fresno County Catholic Charities.

Sanctuary Youth Shelter
Address - 1545 N Street
Fresno California, 93721
Phone: 800-820-4968, 498-8543
Basic services provided by this shelter to qualified individuals include emergency shelter and housing, food, clothing, counseling, and general crisis intervention support.





Fresno County United Way (559.244.5710) runs the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP). The program was created as a result of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act and the program can provide rent assistance, shelter, free food and housing supportive services for the nation’s people in a hardship or facing an eviction, or who are having general housing difficulties.

California Rural Legal Assistance helps low income families, including immigrants and Spanish speakers. They can assist with evictions, housing discrimination, accessing benefits such as section 8, and more. Also free get representation or legal aid for resolving rent or landlord disputes. The CRLA firm is at 2115 Kern Street, Fresno, California, 93721. Call 559-441-8721.

Evangelicals for Social Action Love INC has limited funds, and will pay at most 10% of the balance of rent due. Payments are made directly to a landlord or apartment community. There may also be referrals to services and financial assistance for needs such as shelter, non-profits for paying rent, employment, and more. In some cases a loan may be issued for homeless prevention programs. Dial 559-224-9599.

Marjaree Mason Center
1600 M Street
Fresno CA 93721 Phone: 233-4357 (HELP)
Call this hotline for information crisis intervention, assistance, referrals to housing and rent programs, and legal support.

Fresno County Children and Family Services (559-253-9560) as well as Planning and Development / Housing Division ((559) 621-8358) offers rent help from the government Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program.

Salvation Army
811 S. Parallel Avenue
Fresno California, 93721 Phone: 490-7020
The Salvation Army of Fresno offers various forms of financial and non-financial assistance and support. Housing expenses, emergency rent assistance, and resources to prevent evictions are all provided by the charity organization. Get help with bills, rent, and other forms of financial and non-financial support and forms. The Salvation Army also runs The Family Service Center on 1752 Fulton Street, which also can provide money for housing, food, energy, and other expenses. Call this location at 233-0138




Kingsburg Community Center of Kingsburg California ((559) 897-7961) offers Rental Assistance for Kingsburg resident only. Other financial aid including food and utilities may also be available.

Fresno City and County Housing Authorities
Call for rent help - 443-8400
This is a government agency that administers public housing, homeless prevention programs and also the California section 8 housing assistance programs.

Homeless Prevention Programs are operates across the region. Using federal government grants, assistance ranging from rent help to legal aid, emergency shelter, and case management is provided. Support is for Fresno County families with a source of income so they can pay future rental costs and applicants can be veterans, single parent, seniors, or others. More homeless and eviction help in Fresno.

Turning Point of Central CA
Phone: 233-2663
Provide counseling, a 30 bed shelter, and other forms of housing guidance. Case mangers from the non-profit work with people for long term self-sufficiency.

Fresno Rescue Mission
310 G Street
Fresno California, 93716
Phone - 268-0839
The rescue mission provides access to emergency shelter for families and children, men, and the services focus on those with an emphasis on faith based assistance. For those exiting homeless and seeking permanent housing, the charity organization may have referrals to loan programs to pay first months rent or a security deposit on a new apartment in Fresno County.





Fresno County Bar Association - Offers some clients a free, 30 minute or so session on their legal needs. An attorney who has expertise can address housing or other civil matters. Telephone number is 559-264-0137.

Seniors or disabled in Parlier may get help with rent from the local non-profit center. It only supports that town, and emergency aid or grants may be offered to qualified low income families. 559-646-3545.


By Jon McNamara

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