Free foreclosure aid from NYC Services Legal Outreach

A new program put in place will help New York homeowners who are dealing with a foreclosure filing. NYC Services Legal Outreach ((718) 752-0222) will increase both the effectiveness as well as the availability of free legal advice and representation for those homeowners who are facing a foreclosure. The non-profit organization will be organizing, training and dispatching hundreds of volunteer attorneys across the city. They will expand those legal services that are offered to residents.

They are trying to make the program as convenient to homeowners as possible. Over one hundred lawyers will be stationed across New York City at various courthouses to screen homeowners. In addition to that, over 200 will be matched proactively with individual homeowners. They will review their financial situation, explore options available to them, and at the end of the day the attorney will represent the homeowner, at no cost, through the foreclosure settlement process. they will contact the lender or bank, and try to find any type of solution.

The lawyers will provide free advice and also represent homeowners during the mandatory foreclosure settlement conference that is now required under New York City law. This conference ensures that both lenders and homeowners meet to explore alternatives to a foreclosure, including modifications or other options.

To date, many government agencies, both at the federal and state level, have promised to help the millions of homeowners across the nation who are facing foreclosure, but New York City is taking a huge step forward by offering homeowners something of real value. Free legal assistance to help borrowers negotiate a fair deal from their banks.





Mayor Bloomberg and the city of New York strong believe that no family facing the loss of their home to a foreclosure should be without representation or counsel.

Free foreclosure representation during the settlement conference

The new assistance program, which was put together by NYC Service Legal Outreach, focuses on providing struggling homeowners with legal assistance during the mandatory settlement conference stage. The settlement conference is a law that was recently put into place by the state that ensure homeowners and lenders meet. A mediator can also be involved in this process. Learn more on mediation programs. Click here.

The bottom line is that mediation and settlement conferences represent a valuable opportunity to help borrowers avoid foreclosure. Experts say that those homeowners who are supported in these proceedings with free legal advice and representation from NYC Services Legal Outreach will have a more informed understanding of their obligations and options, and they have other tools at their disposal. Settlement conferences are much more likely to help the homeowner avoid foreclosure, and it can help them stay in their home.




By Jon McNamara

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