Franklin-Vance-Warren Opportunity assistance programs.

The leading non-profit Community Action Agency is Franklin-Vance-Warren Opportunity. They offer a number of resources to help the low income and less fortunate. The organization will otherwise tackle poverty in the region and support the unemployed and low income. Some of what may be provided to qualified residents includes emergency financial assistance, education such as Head Start, and energy programs, including weatherization. The community centers across the area, including the counties of Franklin, Granville, Person, Vance, and Warren, offer clients a number of services.

Financial support

Short term, emergency assistance addresses the poverty conditions in Franklin, Vance, Warren and Granville Counties North Carolina. The state's Department of Health and Human Services administers the Community Services Block Grant Program. it is done so in partnership the the non-profit to work on the elimination of poverty among the poor and low income in the area.

Home repairs from SFR, or Single Family Rehabilitation Program, provides the necessary funds to offer rehabilitation of existing but deteriorated single-family homes, condos, and housing units occupied by low-income. They need to be categorized as elderly or disabled homeowners. The objective of the Franklin-Vance-Warren Opportunity SFR program is to create a long term and positive impact and help people remain living in standard affordable housing.

Rent help and vouchers from the Section 8 Housing Assistance Program is available from the Franklin-Vance-Warren Opportunity. It is available in the area including in both Vance and Franklin Counties. Through this long term rental assistance resource, hundreds of families have been provided safe and decent sanitary living conditions.

This program has been recognized as helping families to pay rent on a recurring monthly basis. Another option, the Home Choice Voucher Program, has been accommodated to help families purchase homes in North Carolina. This program allows low to moderate income families to purse the dream of home ownership. The non-profit Franklin-Vance-Warren Opportunity, Inc. has certified HUD counselors in their office that helps families in the process of achieving home ownership.




Weatherization prepares your house or townhome/condo so that it is kept cool in the hot and humid summer and warm in the winter. It also means less energy expenses are needed. So your utility bills to heat your home in the colder months and to cool it in the warmer months will be lower.

The community action agency processes applications for weatherization. It can provide for broken window panes and rotten window sashes are replaced, caulking and free weather-stripping is done to your doors and windows, warped or rotten doors are replaced, damaged heating or air-conditioning units are repaired or replaced., leaks around the chimney region are repaired and more.

As government funding allows, Franklin-Vance-Warren Opportunity, will weatherize your home at no extra cost if you are an elderly individual, senior citizen or handicapped. Aid is for low-income category person with minor children as dependents.

A similar North Carolina offering is the Urgent Repair Program. This can offer services for urgent improvements including the repair or installation of well and septic systems. Income qualified residents of Warren County North Carolina are eligible for urgent repair program.

Mortgage help is offered from the North Carolina Foreclosure Prevention Fund. This helps the homeowners in the state who are struggling with paying their mortgage payments on time as a result of job loss or financial hardship on a temporary basis. For those homeowners who can qualify for assistance from this Fund, it can offer them an interest-free loan of up to $36,000.

The money needs to be used in the payment of mortgages and other related home expenditure. It provides time while the individual searches or prepares for new employment. In addition, if a person is employed currently but has a second mortgage that he or she is not able to afford to pay as a result of reduced income, reduction in hours or a job loss, the Fund will offer an interest-free loan of up to $30,000 to pay off this second loan.

Another HUD program is Family Self-Sufficiency. It will both motivate and encourage clients to find suitable employment which will lead to economic independence and self-sufficiency. Under this resource, an FSS savings account which is interest-bearing is started by the community action agency for the participating families. The staff at Franklin-Vance-Warren Opportunity, Inc. will work with clients as well on budgeting and financial literacy.

Transitional housing is available from Green Hill Manor Apartments, which are located in Louisburg, NC. The program provides affordable housing for seniors and the disabled. The apartment complex consists of  multiple buildings for those that meet income limits.

Employment, education, and job training

Employment assistance from the Economic Self-Sufficiency Project is available. It is a comprehensive job preparation program for addressing employment needs. It will coordinate proper training and development for clients in order to help low income individuals seek employment in counties such as Franklin or other regions. The job will allow them to pay their bills, support their families and in general take care of their household needs.





The employment program has two distinct approaches. One is the group approach and the other is the individualized, one on one. Both the tactics are backed by offering comprehensive case management services to increase the effectiveness of the project.

The Women’s Economic Equity Project and Boutique will help rural women with self-sufficiency. It works by increasing their capacity to obtain financial independence by means of employment including career coaching and professional development training and support services. This includes providing women with the provision of professional uniforms and work attire along with networking opportunities.

The Training Assistance Partnership (TAP) Program from Franklin-Vance-Warren Opportunity is dedicated to helping dislocated and working poor people who are unemployed or underemployed. These clients may be actively seeking a career change or meaningful full time employment. The Program participants get one-on-one coaching from a counselor. This is done a weekly basis and is designed to meet their career goals. A coach works with the participants to enhance their job search activities and also fine-tune their resumes.

Vance-Granville Community College offers the Employability & Soft Skills Training in partnership with the community action agency as well as the NC Department of Commerce. It provides all participants with the motivational and communication skills which are required to increase their likelihood of finding and retaining a job. Participants who complete these training sessions are qualified to take the Work-Keys assessment and maybe even potentially earn an industry-recognized Career Readiness Certificate. Financial support is offered to for program participants who complete their career coaching plan successfully. They will be entitled to receive transportation help in the form of a free pre-paid gas card for up to ten weeks.

Franklin-Vance-Warren Opportunity offersHead Start, which is a federally-funded child development and education program which was specifically created in an effort to prepare low income and struggling children for school. Families that are able to enroll will be linked with services that promote long term family and child success, leading to self-sufficiency.




Students will be given free nutritious meals and snacks that include lunch, breakfast and a snack in the afternoon. Head Start health services include dental, medical, mental health and nutrition programs to help meet the needs of students that are enrolled and pre-school children. The program is also for those with special needs or disabilities.

Franklin-Vance-Warren Opportunity, Inc. has community centers at the following locations. Referrals, direct aid, and other support is administered.

Granville County, Oxford Center; 102 Broad Street, NC 27565; Contact 919-693-8760
Henderson County, 180 South Beckford Drive, Henderson, North Carolina.
Louisburg County, 167 North Carolina Highway; 56 East Louisburg, NC 27549, phone 919-496-3022.
Warren County; Warrenton; 518 West Ridgeway, St. Warrenton, NC 27589, dial 252-257-1666


By Jon McNamara

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