Florida prescription discount card.

The Florida Discount Drug Card can provide individuals with fairly significant savings on their prescription medications. There is no cost to sign up for the card, there are no restrictions and it is free to use. While the exact amount of savings will vary based on the type of medication that someone needs and is buying, residents in Florida can receive discounts as high as 40% on their drugs.

The card is free, and there are no restrictions in place. There are no income limits, age requirements, memberships fees to pay, and there is no cost to use it at a pharmacy or retailer. The card was created from several organizations and businesses working together, including Envision Pharmaceutical Services (EPS) as well as thousands of pharmacies and stores around the state, including national retailers such as Walmart, CVS, and Target. The issuer of the discount card negotiates directly with retailers and pharmacies on over 20,000 name brand and generic drugs, and those savings are passed on directly to consumers.

Seniors and very low income individuals can receive additional savings from the Florida Discount Drug Card. If your income is less than 300% of the federal government poverty level, then even lower prices can be passed on to you. Also, residents who are over 60, who do not have prescription drug coverage and who do not belong to a Medicare Part D plan may also benefit.

The card can be downloaded from their website, or you can dial 1-866-341-8894 to apply over the phone. Thousands of pharmacies and retailers across Florida accept the card. In total, almost 70,000 locations across the country participate, and this is a national program. All major pharmaceutical chains and retailers accept the discount card too. Mail order medicines can be obtained as well. Cardholders can select a mail order option that provides up to a 90-day supply mailed to their home. Call 1-866-909-5169 for details on this option.

Amount of discounts provided

The process is simple, and the customer does not need to do any research or work in order to get the discount. Basically, if the pharmacy’s standard price for a medication is lower than the pre-negotiated Florida Discount Drug price (which is negotiated by third parties), then the customer will pay the lower price between the two.




The Florida Discount Drug Card offers reduced prices on virtually every generic as well as brand name prescription medication. Some specialty needs can be met as well. For example, people who have diabetes can also receive help. The card provides savings on diabetic supplies such as glucose monitors, test strips, and syringes. A prescription from your doctor is required for this.

While the exact amount of savings provided will vary depending on the quantity, type and brand of the drug purchased, some common medications may be offered at up to 40% off. So the patient is always guaranteed to received the lowest price available on their medications.

While major retailers and pharmacies accept the Florida Discount Drug Card, if you have a question on this or want to ensure participation, feel free to dial 1-800-361-4542. You can also encourage your pharmacy to enroll if for some reason they are not already signed up.

The card can be used to supplement most health insurance plans, High Deductible and Health Savings Accounts as well. It can also be used as part of your Medicare Part D benefits by providing discounts on non-covered drugs.

Terms of the discount card

The card is easy to obtain, sign up for, and use. There are very few, if any restrictions. For example you do not need to provide your social security number, no income limits are in place, and the card is free. It is offered to anyone who lives in Florida. Also, if you have any other discount cards, you can combine them with the Florida Discount Drug Card in order to find the best option for you.





There are no age or income requirements, no enrollment forms or eligibility required, the card covers pre-existing conditions, and no claims to file. So the process is streamlined.

One of the key, and only, restrictions is that individuals can’t use the discount card if they are currently receiving Medicaid. The reason being is that the state of Florida’s Medicaid program already provides individuals and families with comprehensive coverage of over-the-counter and well as prescription medications. For most people the total cost of their medications is paid for by Medicaid. Note that if you are in the process of using your own money to pay your bills while you wait for Medicaid to begin, then the Florida Discount Drug Card can be used during that timeframe.

By Jon McNamara

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