Fayetteville Urban Ministry assistance programs.

In an effort to help the less fortunate, Fayetteville Urban Ministry relies on volunteers and money raised from the community. The programs administered focus on basic needs, such as food or transportation to a job interview, to more limited financial support for rent and housing. Staff from Fayetteville Urban Ministry also advocate on behalf of the low income so they can help bring visibility to the plight of the elderly and struggling in the region.

They offer a menu of fully comprehensive services to the low income, with case management and referrals to job placement and training available. This is done in an effort to help people in poverty end the cycle and obtain the long term support they need. After all, a decent paying job is one key to being able to live independently.

Emergency services are limited, but may help in a crisis. The programs range from a free food pantry stocked with non-perishable items, fresh fruits and vegetables, and personal care items. Volunteers coordinated by the Urban Ministry of Fayetteville and local churches deliver free hot meals or frozen holiday food to senior clients and the disabled.

In addition to helping struggling clients feed their families, the charity will also offer short-term emergency financial assistance and loans. This is not common though, and the intent is to help people who need help with paying rent or maybe a utility bill if those could lead to homelessness. Other emergency aid is as follows.

  • People seeking a job may be provided with a voucher, or ride to the employer.
  • Vouchers for medications may be offered to residents of Cumberland County in a medical emergency.
  • Seniors may receive transportation to a doctor appointment.
  • The homeless can learn about government grants for a security deposit or first months rent.

Any type of emergency financial assistance is limited, and comes with conditions. For example, clients of Fayetteville Urban Ministry may also have access to other services such as financial counseling or case management, both of which can help low to moderate individuals and families overcome the obstacles that lead to their current crisis.





Throughout the county, many of these struggling households (some of whom are military members or veterans) are accessing social services or support from a charity such as Fayetteville Urban Ministry for the first time due to layoffs or lack of work. Thanks to volunteers and contributions from the community, the agency has been able to help an increasing number of people feed their families and stay in their own homes.

Home repairs can be completed by the Nehemiah Project (NEH). Local contractors and volunteers, as well as the Re-Store Warehouse, partner with the Ministry to help seniors or the disabled in the community with basic repairs for safety.

Christmas help is arranged, and that is a season for caring and sharing across Cumberland County. Families, including single parents, that need help with toys or free Christmas meals for the holidays should visit or call the agency.

Working with partners such as the Salvation Army, their Christmas Caring program provides holiday  assistance to low-income families as well as senior citizens served throughout the agency. There are also many families referred from diocesan parishes and even schools in the Cumberland County area. As donations and funding provides, each family that qualifies as part of this service receives a free holiday meal box, clothing, toys and winter warm goods customized for the size and need of the household.




There are many other services arranged by Fayetteville Urban Ministry, most of which are from referrals or partnerships. The charity will refer families to some or all of the following, or help residents apply. This can include completing forms or offering details on the application process.

  • Learn about affordable day care providers in North Carolina.
  • Employment specialists from job training centers help underemployed or unemployed residents expand their work skills as they prepare to look for a part or full time job.
  • The homeless, or people struggling with their rent, can get help in finding both traditional and non-traditional affordable housing or apartments.
  • Applications to medical care or disability services, ranging from SSI to Medicaid or the affordable care ct.
  • General homeless prevention services and advice, ranging from case management to information on local shelters.
  • The ALP - Adult Literacy Program will help the less fortunate obtain GED or skills such as reading or writing.
  • The homeless can get help from Fayetteville Urban Ministry, including access to free hot meals, laundry machines, and shower facilities.

Many assistance programs are run by Fayetteville Urban Ministry. While many residents will need to be turned away due to lack of funds or maybe they do not qualify, the charity can serve as a valuable asset for the less fortunate.

The main center is at 701 Whitfield Street, Fayetteville North Carolina, 28306. Call 888-892-1162.



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