Assistance from Fayetteville Metropolitan housing authority.

Services from Fayetteville Metropolitan housing authority can help the very low income and families living in poverty access private or public housing. The non-profit works with government agencies and can receive federal grants in an effort to make a greater number of homes and apartments available for the less fortunate. Programs range from housing choice vouchers, or section 8, as well as home buying programs and resources for senior citizens as well as veterans in Cumberland County.

Almost every single program that the agency is involved with is limited and will have a waiting list. The demand for help is very high, and is always increasing, so only a small number of applications and requests are fulfilled. Most people will need to be placed onto a waiting list, however the fact is that the Fayetteville housing authority may be able to offer support or some type of referrals.

Rent subsidy type programs

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher is a national as well as state of North Carolina rental assistance program. When the waiting list is open, this resource is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD. The goal is to assist low- and moderate-income families, but most of the clients will be living under the poverty guidelines with some form of income.

It works by offering rent subsidized homes and apartments to clients. People will be able to lease  housing in the private market of their choice, and they will be responsible for paying a portion of the rent and utility bill expense each month. Anyone that moves into a home will also need to have some source of income and participate in self-sufficiency services and the like.

As administrator of the program in Cumberland County North Carolina, the Fayetteville Metropolitan housing authority responsibilities are to screen applications to determine whether families and individuals are eligible for the voucher. The agency will also closely manage daily operations in accordance with Federal government HUD rules. Staff will also monitor participants, inspect the homes to ensure they meet health and safety issues, and enforces all section 8 rules and regulations.

Vouchers are combined with ongoing tenant support as part of FSS – Family Self-Sufficiency. This is a service that will help a family retain their apartment over time. Staff from the Fayetteville Authority will offer everything from advice to financial literacy sessions and tips on how to save money.




Public housing is available across Cumberland County and the city of Fayetteville. There are units for seniors that can also provide some of the care they may need for medical issues, and low income or formerly homeless families can also access this service. Another focus of this is on ensuring the disabled have some form of home or apartment to live in, and this is for people with a mental or physical limitation. The program will offer an affordable place to live along with guidance and case management.

All apartments are limited, and there is often a waiting list for any type of public housing. A homeless applicant will also need to have stabilized their situation and have some source of income, and the homes available to them from Fayetteville housing authority will be income based. More information on possible units can be obtained from the agency.

Homebuying resources from Fayetteville Housing Authority

Affordable Homeownership and Home Buying is available in an effort to offer more affordable housing choices to clients and people in the community. The Fayetteville housing authority offers counseling and advice to people looking to purchase in the county. There are a number of home ownership opportunities for families of various income levels, with a focus on low-to-moderate income people.

Clients can learn about down payment assistance programs, where to get an affordable mortgage from, and the agency helps individuals purchase a property in the community. The process can involve a one-on-one counseling session with a professional housing counselor, and tips on how to become financially qualified to obtain an affordable mortgage. All participants will also need to attend and complete a home ownership workshop.




The Homebuyer Program is designed to educate as well as inform potential homeowners about the buying process. While this is a focus, the advice will also cover various other home ownership issues. This is all encompassing too, so it will address credit report issues, savings, and more. Clients will also learn to budget for housing expenses and shop for lenders from various workshops that are held by Fayetteville Metropolitan housing authority and their partners.

For more information on the Fayetteville Metro Housing Authority, always note that almost all programs have a very long waiting list. The main office is at 1000 Ramsey St, Fayetteville, North Carolina. Or dial (910) 483-3648.


By Jon McNamara

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