Fayette County Pennsylvania Salvation Army emergency assistance.

The Fayette County Salvation Army provides vouchers for basic needs, seasonal assistance, and possible financial aid to struggling families in the Uniontown Pennsylvania area. The center raises money from the sale of gently used clothing or furniture, and some of the funds raised will help with everyday living expenses in addition to the operation of the non-profit Salvation Army.

The center works closely with other regional Salvation Army offices in an effort to coordinate resources. However most of the social services available, such as food or emergency utility bill help, are the result of the sale of items at the thrift store.

Thrift store – This is open to the general public. Anyone can shop there for gently used goods. In some cases, such as a crisis or if the family has a low enough income, vouchers may be given to the family. This will allow them to shop for free. Some of what may be provided at the store is as follows.

  • Clothing is available, including winter coats, boots, school uniforms, and more.
  • Household items such as kitchen utensils, plates, dishes, and the like.
  • Toys can be sold at a low cost, or clients can enroll into the free Angel Tree gift giving service from the Fayette County Salvation Army.
  • Other items from a clothing closet/thrift store vary widely. There may be books, older computers, vintage items, furniture, school supplies, beds, cribs, and more. Or families can seek other local resources, and find free items from clothing closets.

The regional rehabilitation center is a service that focuses on people abusing substances. Counseling is arranged for those who enroll, and they can help with solving  or drug barriers. When stability has been achieved, then the client can be given information on job placement programs or basic needs to get them settled in the Uniontown area.

In an emergency, there may be some financial help for certain critical bills. The Fayette County Pennsylvania Salvation Army is a source for referrals to non-profit and government resources. In some cases, if there has been enough money raised from the thrift store, then the Service and Worship Center may be able to provide some of their own financial aid to those that qualify.





When qualified, and funding allows, clients can get funding for everything from heating or energy costs to medical needs, such as prescriptions. Housing challenges can be sometimes addressed too. The homeless can be referred to regional transitional housing programs or emergency shelters. Or if an income qualified family is behind on their rent, some assistance may be arranged.

During some periods of the year, a household's expenses may increase. This may be during the winter or fall when additional costs come into play for natural gas bills or maybe school supplies for a child. In these instances, using money from the thrift store and Red Kettle, the Salvation Army in Uniontown tries to offer support. This may be money, vouchers or gift cards to pay for school supplies, and more.

The Salvation Army center in Uniontown also works to spread the holiday joy. They try to ensure each child has a gift or stocking to open on Christmas morning, or that a senior citizen has a meal as well as companionship. There are free holiday services for all of the critical dates, such as Thanksgiving, Easter, or Christmas. Whether it is a holiday party, free meal, or small present for a child, the goal is to help as many people as possible.

Hunger prevention services are available in both Fayette County Pennsylvania and across the state. The Salvation Army operates a client choice food pantry for families in a crisis. Or when a hot meal is needed, this too can be served by either volunteers or full time staff. The pantry may have perishable or canned groceries. Or hygiene goods, such as toilet paper or household supplies for a home may be arranged.

The Fayette County Salvation Army center also organizes case management. When someone needs financial help for paying their bills, there is often a reason that this is the case. Maybe it is a job loss or divorce from a spouse. Or maybe expected bills, such as a medical emergency, are causing the issue as the client was living beyond their means. The case management will try to find the cause of the issue and tackle it.

The address of the center is at 32 W. Fayette Street, Uniontown, PA 15401-1025. Dial (724) 437-2031 for information.



By Jon McNamara

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