Family Resource Center low income assistance programs.

The Family Resource Center of Kern County provides a broad spectrum of assistance programs and social services for low income families and individuals within the community. These programs can help with basic needs, such as food and housing, along with more intensive support, including for legal issues or general counseling.

  • Food assistance is offered from a pantry for families with children, senior citizens, and disabled adults. The center may also have diapers and free baby food.
  • General financial aid is provided in the form of applications to utility bill assistance, and there may also be government grants for rent or mortgage payments.
  • One on one support is also offered for resolving personal issues, including crisis intervention.

Basic family needs can be met as well by the center. This can often be hard to meet for a low income resident of Kern County when they are overwhelmed by life’s stressors. As part of the approach taken, a Home Visitor links families to resources for things such as financial emergencies, legal and basic needs and provide support for nutrition and money management on a one to one basis.

Other services available include preschool scholarships, youth and parent guidance, Headstart referrals, Kindergarten Enrollment Assistance, Toys for Tots Enrollment. Even medical needs can be met at the center, ranging from MediCal/Healthy Families Insurance Applications, and medical care. They also offer CHIP applications for child or teen health care, which can also assist moderate income households. That last item ranges from immunizations to dental program referrals. There can also be free bus tickets for medical appointments in Kern County, as well as VSP Vouchers.

The Family Resource Center coordinates Case Management Services, and this serves as a bridge for parents with children from low income households and their families. The process will lead them to a higher quality, stable home life.

Some of the resources provided through this program is helping families establish goals through workable action plans, including such things as obtaining full employment. During this process, staff will address the basic needs of families and assist with physical and mental issues.




The mission of the Case Management process is to treat every client with the dignity and respect they deserve. It will also offer individuals placement into service plans, and the agency will always maintain confidential records for all participants.

The Nurturing Parenting Program is provided by early education advocates through classes taught in the comfort of the client's home. Teachers show proper techniques for disciplining children without abuse, and Family Resource Center of Kern County will help with overall child development process as well.

Child Development was established as a resource designed to discuss a child’s individual developmental milestones and to offer education with a focus on prenatal, infant and toddler nutrition. This education is done via home visits with the non-profit's District Nurse.

Home visitors bring educational games with an interactive element that helps parent nurture and develop their child’s overall well-being. This is done physically, emotionally and through learning. Community playgroups are held weekly to offer a social setting for children to interact with their peers while parents work on issues they are facing with guest health and childcare professionals.

The Family Resource Center will coordinate medical care too. This is available in the form of health referrals and consultations, and these are available for free dental or medical care. There is also mental health counseling, immunization clinics in Kern County, nutrition classes, and other care such as vision and hearing checks. Anyone that is under-insured, or that needs help paying insurance deductibles, can also use this referral service. The staff at the Kern County Family Resource Center will assist.





All of these tests and services are done by the Home Visitor or another medical professional, such as the District Nurse. These early identifications can lead a child into Early Intervention or public health care. Also all applications and renewals with Medi-Cal and Healthy Families are completed with clients with the help of trained staff members.

Applying for Family Resource Center programs

There are multiple locations that collaborate together. They work with the government, local charities, DHS and other agencies. Some or all of the resources above may be offered.

  • Arvin Family Resource Center is at 207 S. A St., Arvin, CA 93203. Phone (661) 854-6526
  • Greenfield Family Resource Center address is 5400 Monitor Street, Bakersfield, CA 93307. The intake number is (661) 837-3720
  • Frazier PArk - Mountain Community Healthy Start Family Resource Center. 3015 Mt. Pinos Way #102. Frazier Park, CA 93225. Main number is (661) 245-4303
  • East Bakersfield Community Resource Center - 801 Niles Street., Bakersfield, CA 93305. For referrals, call (661) 631-5895

By Jon McNamara

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