Family Promise of Lubbock financial assistance programs.

Find how programs from Family Promise can help low income residents. The non-profit charity focuses on the less fortunate in Lubbock, with some services focused on senior citizens as well as the disabled in the region. Staff from Family Promise can help people apply for financial aid or access other organizations in the area, such as food pantries or agency on aging centers for seniors. While all resources are limited, some of what the charity can provide is below.

Referrals are core to what Interfaith of Lubbock offers. There is even guidance for those families from the Lubbock region who do not meet the charities criteria or are unwilling to adhere to their guidelines.

When it comes to emergency assistance, this can be offered in limited cases as part of those referrals. The resources are limited, and the staff will try to either refer the applicant or provide aid directly. Most of the money available from Family Promise or partners depends on donations from local churches, individuals, businesses and non-profit  organizations. There are also fund raisers held by partners, such as the United Way, or state of Texas and federal grants.

Housing expenses can be paid, such as for rent or utility bills. This may include electric or heating costs when a family is faced with a disconnection of their power. When it comes to any form of rent help from Family Promise, this will depend on the applicant have a job (or a source of income) and being faced with a one time crisis.

Any funds are for those tenants who, for some reason, do not qualify for any type of financial assistance with DSS or any other agency. All other resources in the region need to have been exhausted first, before Family Promise of Lubbock will assist. Tenants must be currently homeless or in danger of being evicted by their landlord for lack of rent payment.

Other emergency assistance may be provided too, and some of this is from their Community Initiatives. This may be clothing, food, or prescriptions. Applicants need to keep in mind that the support is short term to address a crisis, and not a long term subsidy. In some cases, emergency shelter is for families or individuals that find themselves without a place to live. There can be shelters or transitional homes in Lubbock County, and the users of these sites can't be assisted at the local Department of Social Services.




The services rely on volunteers, and they offer support too. Anyone who wants to give back to the Lubbock community can share their talents. There is a need for people to stay overnight with shelter families, prepare and cook free meals, and help with financial counseling or resume writing. Many other activities can be performed as well.

Family Promise food banks can have donated pantry-type foods, which are mostly canned goods. In some cases, there may be fresh fruits or vegetables available, or some seniors can have a bag of groceries delivered to them. Some non-consumable items such as personal hygiene goods or diapers may also be available on occasion.

Staff from Family Promise of Lubbock provide linkage, as noted above. This free service, provided from the charity, informs clients about assistance available from other public and private agencies in the community. They will explore resources from churches as well as government agencies.

There is transportation available locally, and it is for various types of individuals throughout the service area. Senior citizens as well as the disabled are the primary beneficiaries. Most of the rides are coordinated with other groups, such as Agency on Aging centers. The goal is to provide quality transportation to those that are less fortunate, which includes a safe and courteous delivery to  destinations such as doctor offices or a local store.

Senior Assistance is a multi-service program which serves homebound disabled and elderly persons.  Family Promise is an effective provider of quality services that support the independence and self-sufficiency of senior citizens and disabled persons across Lubbock. There is the transportation available as noted above, and much more.





Hope House, which is the Interfaith Day Center, provides shelter, food, and access to a professional social worker. At this site, Family Promise coordinates case management support to the unemployed and people faced with poverty. There is even showers and a laundry facility on site.

Other clients may be individuals who are homeless and mentally ill. Assistance is available in applying for SSI Disability Social Security benefits and navigating the application process. There are also educational services and Literacy Programs available.

The mission of this process is to help adults and families meet their goals in reading, employment, writing, math, English, and life skills. Staff will work with the client in promoting education and lifelong learning as the key to economic success. It relies on many people from the community, including the effective use of trained volunteers or tutors as well partnerships with community organizations which promote literacy.

The support is available in more than one fashion, and volunteers are key to making this happen. Adults receive free one-on-one or small group tutoring services, and they may even take place at libraries and churches across Lubbock. There are computers with free high-speed internet access for participants to use to either improve their IT skills, or maybe search for a job.

Family Promise of Lubbock, which is part of the Interfaith Hospitality Network, can be reached at 806-744-5035. Call to explore their resources.



By Jon McNamara

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