Family Assistance Ministries assistance programs.

Short term financial help from Family Assistance Ministries may be available for an emergency situation. After a close review of the request, and at the discretion of the team at the non-profit they may help families with partial payment for past due rent, provide motel vouchers, heating or electric bill assistance, or food needs. Or for more long term support clients can learn about benefits such as SSI disability or cash grants.

The application process will involve proof of income, residents, and expenses for all adults household members of the Orange County California community. Only after this has been done, and a case management plan has been agreed to by the family, may the organization help. Services are available in Laguna Niguel, San Clemente, Dana Point/Capistrano Beach, Mission Viejo, Rancho Mission Viejo, San Juan Capistrano, Aliso Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, as well as Ladera Ranch California.

Some of the support services from Family Assistance Ministries are as follows. Note, all of this aid is limited. There is often a waiting list in place and clients will need to meet all program as well as application terms. Find help with one or more of the following.

  • -Thrift store sells gently used items, including furniture for a new home or apartment.
  • -New moms, including low income single parents, can receive a crib or clothes for their new child.
  • -The Family Assistance Ministries clothing closet may have vouchers for school supplies or work attire, such as boots or pants.
  • -Some limited prescription medications for those with a serious illness.
  • -Transportation for a local job interview may be offered by volunteers or free bus passes.
  • -Other support may be Christmas toys or gifts, food from a pantry, and linkage to charities.
  • -Personal hygiene items, discount cards for medical needs, and toiletries.
  • -Free gas vouchers and bus passes for travel in Orange County California.
  • -Information on benefits such as CalFresh or disability.

As with any assistance program in Orange County or any other town, resources are limited, especially when it comes to funds for paying bills or vouchers for rent or a motel room. The agency will do its best to offer this support or more as needed. However there are no guarantees to receiving help and applicants should not depend on this.




Any money paid out will be made directly to the creditor or landlord that is owed. If Family Assistance Ministries issues a grant for paying back rent or a deposit, then the apartment manager or landlord is given the funds. The same concept applies for other bills, whether it is utility, medical, or water. Cash payments are always made to the service provider and not the client.

Family Assistance Ministries Food Gathering Team receives donated surplus groceries, meals, or food from many area and local resources within the Orange County community. These teams collect the donations from local markets, restaurants, grocery stores, farms, church groups and collecting depots.

Food Drives are also held and fund raisers are established for commodities that help the charity keep up with demand for food in the community. The assistance is for struggling, low-income family which in turn allows them to use their limited financial resources for paying other life sustaining bills such as rent and utilities.

Another service from the food team is Christmas and Thanksgiving assistance. Family Assistance Ministries will provide both gifts and meal baskets during the holidays to low income families, especially those with children.

Residents of towns such as Rancho Santa Margarita and San Clemente in Orange County have access to discounted prescription medications through NACO cards. Family Assistance Ministries can direct applicants to this program. The nationwide non-profit furnishes free discount prescription drug cards that provide savings of up to 75 percent at dozens of pharmacies across the US and in southern California.

Participants include Kmart, Sav-On, Sweetbay, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Winn-Dixie, and many more. There is no formal application process or fees involved. In fact, the cards are pre-activated and ready for use by customers.





Family Assistance Ministries of Orange County affiliated English and Literacy Civics (EL Civics) as well as English as a Second Language (ESL) will help students as well as immigrants from across California to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to become active and informed community members. ESL will cover listening, reading, speaking and writing the English Language. Civics will help with American history as well as government.

The case managers can also provide clients with information related to the United States Citizenship test. This is available on occasion throughout the year and it will help people become American citizens.

Credit Counseling Program from Family Assistance Ministries may involve regular meetings. The staff will ensure that progress is being made to move the client towards success in the following ways. Based on the client's income, some of the credit or debt assistance is also provided free of charge.

Family Assistance Ministries is based at 1030 Calle Negocio in San Clemente, California, 92673. Note they support the towns referenced above, and the number is 949-492-8477.




By Jon McNamara

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