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St. Vincent DePaul of Fairfield County Ohio is part of the poverty fighting coalition in Lancaster and nearby towns. Clients may receive financial for for certain bills, ranging from water to health care or rent. The non-profit, uses volunteers as well as federal government grants and support of groups such as the United Way, strives to assist as many struggling families as possible.

When an applicant is not qualified, or if the money runs out, then referrals may be given. The staff, most of whom volunteer at the church, will also tackle other concerns, such as direct the unemployed to job placement programs, help with applications to SNAP food stamps or section 8 housing, and offer general counseling.

For any party participating in using or visiting the Fairfield County St. Vincent DePaul Food Pantry/Distribution Center or Mobile location, there are a few things that need to be completed including the following listed below.

Each needy client may receive up to pounds of groceries of month. Families using the pantry may want to bring a cart, boxes or recycle bags for pick up to their final stop. While using the pantry, additional supportive services as well as financial aid may be available for low-income clients including help with bills or rent, job training, health services and help with transportation.

Any support from volunteers associated with St. Vincent is limited and applicants to the programs need to ask how often they may visit or use the food service for future reference. When making an appointment, people need to have a photo ID or another form of identity such as a lease or utility bill must be provided; they need proof of income; and there also needs to be a form that states a declaration that food is needed.

Some of the financial support services from the Fairfield County St. Vincent DePaul include providing access to mental health counseling; health care; job readiness assessment and instruction; and food pantries. There may also be information on applying for rent or even heating bill help from HEAP, which is the primary energy bill program in the community.





The Vincentians from St. Vincent will also help the frail and sick in Fairfield County. This is met by using services such as bring them a meal to their home or offering vouchers for a critically needed prescription medication. The charity is also a source of referrals to local hospitals as well as clinics in the county.

Stability is addressed by training in household management-related life skills, such as legal aid, budgeting and being a good tenant. All of this will help the person develop life skills needed to ensure that once they have gained stability in saving their income and gaining housing, it will indeed be permanent.

Hopefully, in time, the church and its partners in Fairfield County Ohio County will be able to help the goal of a a significant decrease in the amount of individuals struggling to secure permanent housing. Or if that is not an option, then transitional housing is used, and this represents a vital step in the process of moving from homelessness.

Food, clothing, school supplies and thrift stores

The Society of St. Vincent office in Lancaster Ohio has various client choice services. There are locations available, such as a pantry, that allows families or individuals to select their own groceries. There may be cereal, soup, dairy, spaghetti, tuna, and more. The client should bring their own bags or boxes to pack the food in.

The thrift store is also of course client-choice. Shoppers select exactly what they want, but they need to buy the items. There are everyday items, as well as winter or summer attire.

St. Vincent in Fairfield County Ohio also provides other goods to the needy. This includes clothes from a clothing closet, free Christmas toys or gifts, school supplies, and winter jackets. There is also a backpack buddy program for children, which gives students the school supplies they need, as well as a little food for their family at the same time.





Our hope is that this service maintains a neighbor's dignity through the provision of food. The goal of all of these services from the charity is to preserve a resident of Fairfield County dignity by allowing them to select (or buy) whatever they and their family needs.

The charity has program designed for girls in school. It will help them during that timeframe and afterwords. It is held at the Child Enrichment Center, teachers and staff help enrollees explore potential careers by connecting them with strong, successful, college-educated women who are entrepreneurs and leaders in the Fairfield County Ohio community. There is also instruction in basic etiquette, clothing, and more.

The main address of the charity is 424 East Locust Street, Lancaster, Ohio. For details on the services administered, call 740-653-6037. If not qualified, then St. Vincent will try to give referrals to other resources in Fairfield County Ohio.




By Jon McNamara

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