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Fairfax County homeless prevention and rehousing programs.

Find how to both stop homeless from occurring in Fairfax County as well as resources that can help families or individuals find a place to live. This later step is often referred to as rapid rehousing. All together these homeless prevention programs offer everything from counseling to the ability to apply for government or non-profit issued government grants.

There is not one place to go to for assistance. Many different groups, ranging from charities to non-profits, the government, United Way, Cornerstone, and others all partner together to battle homelessness in the community. Many of these organizations are part of the so called Continuum of Care in the community. For more information on how to apply for help, it is recommended to dial Cornerstone or the United Way in the Fairfax County region. Information is available in Spanish as well. But what may offered in the community includes the following.

Rapid rehousing solutions: This is a multiple step process. It usually incorporates the following steps. While each homeless case may be different, but in general the process is as follows.

Outreach to the homeless- - This involves members of churches and charities from Fairfax County finding the homeless where they live, such as in parks, on the street, in cars, etc. At this point of interaction the individual is provided support, which may be food, a hot meal, blankets, sleeping bags, etc. They are also given information on the rehousing process in Fairfax County. Any drug or alcohol abuse issues will also be addressed at this point.

Emergency shelter – This can house an individual, or sometimes a family, for a few nights. When they are all full then free motel vouchers may be provided to the homeless person.

Fairfax County stabilization services – Homeless prevention will always focus on stabilization. Groups including the Salvation Army as well as St. Vincent offer case management. This helps the client build up the skills they need to prevent a future eviction or foreclosure from occurring.





Transitional housing – Once some stabilization has occurred, temporary housing is next. These are generally income based units in which rent payments are required. It is also often required that the person participates in some form of employment, volunteering, or job training program. More on short term housing in Fairfax County.

Permanent housing placement – Rehousing will help the client find a place to live for the long term. The home needs to be safe and affordable. Government grants may be available for paying for some of the security deposit and or first month's rent.

Eviction prevention programs: A pro-active approach to stopping homeless in Fairfax County. Of course this solution is only for people that lease their home and/or apartment. The different components include financial aid for paying some of the arrears on rent, legal aid to represent the client in housing court, relocation services, and much more. Each situation is assessed on a one-off basis.

The type of eviction assistance in Fairfax County rely depends on the applicant's circumstances. It also considers funding levels. Generally families with kids (and/or single parents) get priority as well as veterans, the disabled, and elderly. The emergency financial aid is not as common as other support, such as legal aid to set up payment plans and the like.

Resources to stop homeless in Fairfax County for homeowners: These solutions include counseling, foreclosure help, and assistance in modifying a home loan. There may also be mediation solutions in Fairfax Virginia for the homeowner. Direct financial aid to pay a mortgage may be possible using a grant, but it is rare.

Oftentimes homeowners should contact a non-profit HUD counseling agency for support. The advice given out will be free, and it can benefit the client in numerous ways. But it does require work on the part of the homeowner too, as falling behind in a mortgage requires numerous non-financial steps to be taken.




As noted above, a referral hot-line or dialing Cornerstone may be effective in learning more. As there are various rehousing solutions as well as homeless prevention programs available to tenants as well as homeowners in the Fairfax County Virginia community.

By Jon McNamara

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