Evergreen Christian Community assistance programs.

Short term, emergency assistance from Evergreen Christian Community can help the low income and less fortunate in Jefferson County. The charity provides a number of support services to address a crisis. Some, such as LEAP, are federal government funded while others including the Enrichment Center and food pantry depend on local resources.

The charity will only address the crisis, and this is their definition of short term assistance. They partner with the Evergreen Christian Outreach, and this is in fact where most of the money for their assistance programs come from. The financial aid and resources are only for emergencies, and this is not meant to be a long term benefit that individuals rely on. So staff from ECHO will have the applicant go through an assessment process, which will address all the various issues that may be facing the client and the goal is to find a long term solution. The main programs are below.

  • Heating and utility bill help includes free firewood as well as advice in applying for the state of Colorado  LEAP program.
  • Food and clothing are offered from Evergreen Christian Community pantries and clothing banks, and the aid can supplement government food assistance such as SNAP, or the client’s grocery shopping.
  • Educational and child care support can assist with day care expenses, or in some cases, certain individuals may receive funds for lab fee, textbooks, GED testing, trade school or other related education services.
  • Referrals to community clinics and health care programs, including the affordable care act.
  • Bus passes for an interview and shower vouchers are available upon request.
  • Gifts for children are donated by volunteers.

Limited financial assistance and grants from ECHO are for a wide variety of uses. This is limited, and as noted, the funds are not a handout. The charity may help with phone costs, utility or water bills, car repairs and medical expenses, among other bills. Any type of support will require the client working towards stability.

A Resale Store is run, and it sells affordable items to the public. There may be winter coats or boots, furniture, and more. Dozens of families use the store to shop for basic needs for their families.




Self-sufficiency is available from the EChO Jobs Center as well as the Enrichment location. The goal of these resources is to expand the opportunities for struggling, low income clients to explore local Jefferson County job opportunities.

There will also be workshops held for job seekers, and specialist with coaching, mentoring and on-line services. The offer help and guidance to a wide variety of clients, including the unemployed and underemployed in the community. Other programs will involve the hosting of a Jobs Fair that is open to the entire community, whether they are clients or not.

The Enrichment Center will also help people apply for public aid. As part of this, a Jefferson County Human Services Representative will be on site in most weeks, for one or so afternoons per week. The person will help the client with applying for government food assistance, such as SNAP, and have applications for other benefits, including disability.

Most of this type of support is for the very low income, or even residents living in poverty. The Human Services Representative from the county can provide more information on options available, and staff from ECHO will also have some knowledge on the state and federal solutions available.

Evergreen Christian Community supports a limited area in Jefferson County. Residents of the towns of Kittredge, Idledale, Lookout Mountain, Evergreen, Genesee, Indian Hills, and foothills of Morrison may be clients. If seeking help, bring proof of income, residency, and copies of leases and bills due. The main office is at 27640 Hwy 74, Evergreen, CO 80439, or dial 303-670-1796.




By Jon McNamara

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