Salvation Army assistance programs in El Dorado County.

The Salvation Army Community Center in El Dorado County California provides assistance to low income families. The support is arranged as part of their Family Services Department. Depending on donation and resource levels, the charity may provide clients a free box of food or financial help for living expenses, such as electric bill or rent.

Anyone can apply for assistance. There is no discrimination based on age, race, or religion. In fact, senior citizens from communities such as Placerville or single moms with a child (and that have a source of income) may be given support. There are also programs for single adults, migrant farm workers or immigrants among others.

The Salvation Army in Placerville will receive grants from the federal government as well as they raise money from services such as Red Kettle or the sale of goods at the thrift store. This will mean that the assistance provided will vary and often change throughout the year. So financial aid for paying bills or vouchers for buying medications may not always be available. But some examples of the Family Services from the El Dorado County Salvation Army are below.

There are shelters for the homeless in the community. The centers can support clients in both El Dorado California and across regions such as the “Grass Valley”. There is short term, safe housing for the homeless, children, and vulnerable such as veterans. What may be provided to them is as follows.

-Hot meals and food.
-Budgeting as well as case management.
-Income enhancing programs ranging from tutoring to job placement in El Dorado County.
-Relocation into Transitional Living Centers in the area.
-Eventual placement into permanent housing, including funds to pay for some of the security deposit or first months rent.

El Dorado County Salvation Army food and basic need programs – In a crisis, a pantry may offer free groceries for a few days. This will allow the family to cook their own meals, or maybe the canned goods can be used for food as well. However the shelves at the pantry may not always be filled, so what is given will depend on donations.





For even more immediate relief, a soup kitchen can feed families living in poverty. There may be hot meals, drinks, food for infants, and more. In addition, special holiday meals will be served, and can include everything from a turkey dinner at Thanksgiving to meats, toppings, and all of the sides for Christmas. All of these food and meal programs are for short term relief, and for long term support, a case worker from the Salvation Army will help the client apply for CalFresh food stamps.

Not only may a holiday meal be served, but the other seasonal programs can help families or single parents with young children. The Salvation Army will try to provide school supplies during the summer or fall months. Then during the all so important Christmas season, programs such as Angel Tree as well as Adopt a Family will give out free toys, clothing, and winter attire to the needy. So these seasonal programs will help parents free up their income for other bills they have.

Other basic needs can be met. In Placerville California is a thrift store/clothing closet. This center will allow the person to shop for clothing, household furniture, or school supplies as well. The thrift store will sell the goods for a low price, but the Salvation Army clothing closet will pass out free goods, or a voucher.

There are some other financial aid programs or resources that provide direct relief. These are very limited and often have a waiting list. However, when possible, the Salvation Army may offer a small amount of utility or rental assistance. Or there may be hygiene items (such as soap or household supplies) or applications to summer camps in northern California. Patients in a medical emergency may be given the medications they need, or maybe a bus pass or gasoline to make it to a critical doctor appointment.

Case workers from the Community Center will also arrange counseling. This is used to fight poverty in El Dorado County. Or it helps clients such as immigrants or transient farm workers get established in the home. These counseling services range from bible study to help with child-parent disputes or assistance in overcoming unemployment.




The programs are always in high demand. For more information, referrals, and support, dial (530) 672-3147 for intake.


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