Edenton Street United Methodist Church programs in Raleigh.

For those that are struggling to meet their everyday needs, the Doorstep Ministry, which is part of the Edenton Street United Methodist Church in Raleigh, may have some funds to pay rent, utility bills (such as water or electric) and more. Other aid is available for basic needs.

The support will often be for one time needs and for families facing an unexpected crisis. All assistance is limited as it relies on donations from the public and businesses. However, even if the Raleigh North Carolina based church can’t satisfy your request, they will have referrals and information on other local charities, programs, and churches in Wake County.

Financial programs for rent, medications, utilities and other bills

The financial support is part of the programs available at Doorstep Ministry. This service can be called upon if, after paying your bills, you are still short and owe money for rent or maybe medications. Many Wake County families are faced with increasing costs for food, utility bills, car payments, and housing costs. When facing these types of conditions, the Edenton Street Church may be able to assist in some cases.

The staff at the Edenton Street as well as the Doorstep Ministry work to help Wake County families who have the most need. Depending on donation levels, there may be funds to pay for rent or maybe a portion of a security deposit. Other aid can include utility bills and other expenses. It is often focused on eviction prevention and those faced with homelessness. The charity aid from the ministry helps those who need financial assistance.

As noted, there will often also be referrals to other financial aid programs or non-profits in Raleigh or elsewhere in Wake County. If you need assistance, the church will help at most once in a twelve month period and only twice in a lifetime, so call on them very wisely and only when you are out of other options. The referrals though are available at anytime to the general public, regardless of your income levels. The main phone number is 919-832-9530.

Referrals and resources from Doorstep Ministry

For those seeking assistance, there is information on other local Wake County North Carolina organizations to call upon for shelter, free meals/groceries, dental and medical care, clothing, and financial support. All of this is available at no cost to the public. Learn about other local churches and charities providing cash assistance or short term loans.




Other programs and support includes snack bags and lists of area food pantries and soup kitchens. Hopefully this information from the Doorstep Ministry will help provide support and direction to those that are struggling. Hundreds of local families will normally receive some form of support every single month from the charity.

Not only can people apply for help, but you can pray for others or donate to the charity. The Doorstep Ministry will use your generous contributions wisely and thriftily in an effort to help the poor. Or feel free to donate hygiene bags, canned food goods, or snacks. So material needs can also be given. The items will be passed out to those in need in Wake County, and only to those that qualify. Or volunteer your time at the Edenton Street United Methodist Church.

If you need help, call 919-832-9530. The number should only be dialed on Monday mornings from 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM. Volunteers and others will offer information and support. The Edenton Street United Methodist Church is located at 228 West Edenton Street, Raleigh NC 27603. Dial 919.832.7535.




By Jon McNamara

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