Economic Opportunity Program of Chemung and Schuyler Counties.

Case managers from the Economic Opportunity Program of Chemung and Schuyler County can help families apply for government benefits such as weatherization and they also coordinate job and employment training. The non-profit community action agency can help with other needs as well, such as referrals to free food pantries and they offer programs including Head Start.

The services from CSEOP are intended to lead families to self-sufficiency. So financial aid will be very limited. However staff will try to support low income families and others, such as the disabled and seniors, to the best of their ability.

The community action agencies Energy Services Bureau provides households with access to free weatherization services. Among other things, it will allow low income families in Chemung and nearby counties to conserve energy, save money, and help with their overall fuel usage. This makes the homes more efficient and safe to live in, which in turn lowers the total costs of their energy bills. Some homeowners can save up to 20% on their utility bills, with most of the savings occurring during the winter months. It is often combined with applications to heating assistance from the state of New York HEAP program.

Family Support Services assist the disabled. This is mostly paid for by the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities. Staff from this program work with families that have a developmentally disabled member or a child.

They can get help with Services Access, which assists residents of the region who are not service connected find an appropriate non-profit agency or case management program. They can get advice on applying for government benefits such as SSDI as well. Another key offering is Family Reimbursement, which is an assistance program to help families with the cost of paying for adaptive equipment and other needs. In many cases federal government grants can be used for this need.

Other support for the disabled from Economic Opportunity Program of Chemung and Schuyler Counties includes referrals and information for other charities or non-profit organizations for assistance. They may offer families free healthcare, counseling, transportation, and other needed services.




Financial assistance for paying bills or rent can be combined with free food from pantries. Other aid is for some special care needs, adaptive equipment, or clothing. The disabled also get priority when it comes to Home Energy bill assistance, such as HEAP.

Head Start is for children from low income families and there is also assistance for their parents. The program works to help residents improve their physical, social, educational, cognitive, and language development. It is focused on three- to five-year-old children within the greater Chemung community.

Children will work with teachers and staff from the Economic Opportunity Program of Chemung and Schuyler to develop essential skills for future educational and social success. Different components of it will address dental, medical and mental health services. All of this, and more, is provided by Head Start to ensure that all of the children are able to maintain a sound mind for long term developmental success.

The Ernie Davis Community Center is focused on youth and teenagers in the region. It provides them with after school recreational and cultural activities. There is also a significant amount of educational assistance offered for area teenagers and youth.

The Center also provides youth and teens with free nutritious meals and access to academic tutoring each day to support the physical and mental development of residents under the age of 18. The Ernie Davis Community Center and the support from CSEOP enrich the community at large.




Job Placement and general employment services are part of the community action agencies First Choices program. It operates as a referral based resource that was designed to assist participants who meet certain criteria in obtaining employment.

Career specialists from Economic Opportunity Program work with individuals to identify specific goals for education, employment and job training.  First Choices also helps to facilitate employment possibilities by providing access to affordable child care, community services, transportation, development of networking skills, resume development, guided job searches, and individualized support. The Job specialist from First Choices will work to match the skills of qualified individuals with available jobs in the area, whether that is in Chemung, Schuyler, or some other county.

Other assistance available includes the development of networking skills, Access to Community Services, financial assistance with paying for child care, transportation, and much more.

Basic Literacy and English as a Second Language are offered by community volunteers. They arrange to provide free one-to-one, confidential tutoring to adults. All of the staff are screened and trained by the agency. These skills can definitely help clients find a new job, or be promoted in an existing one.

There are two main offices operated by the Economic Opportunity Program of Chemung and Schuyler Counties. They include Chemung County, 650 Baldwin St., Elmira New York (call 607-734-6174) or in Schuyler County, the office is at 112 Sixth Street, Watkins Glen NY 14891, (phone 607-535-2468).



By Jon McNamara

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