Economic Improvement Council assistance programs.

Find help from Economic Improvement Council, the regional non-profit community action agency. Resources are available for families in the counties of Chowan, Camden, Currituck, Perquimans, Dare, Gates, Pasquotank, Tyrrell, Washington, and Hyde.

Most of the funding and resources are offered as part of the Community Services Block Grant Program, or CSBG. This is run in partnership with federal government funds as well as the Department of Health and Human Services-Office of Economic Opportunity, which is also based in North Carolina.

One of the key components of CSBG is on enhancing Family Self-Sufficiency. This will help individuals become productive, independent members of society and otherwise take control of their lives. Clients will work with a case manager from the community action agency on the best approach to take.

Some components and resources of what may be offered includes help for people to pay the rent and maintain standard housing, attain education/vocational training, find and retain sustainable employment, and improve work ethic. Economic Improvement Council also partners with numerous non-profit and private agencies in the region.

Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers can be used as a form of rental assistance. The Economic Improvement Council runs the HUD funded program in the region and they work with other PHAs. It is for very low income and disabled or senior families in Chowan, Camden, Currituck, Dare, Gates, Washington, Hyde, Pasquotank, Perquimans, and Tyrrell County North Carolina.

Vouchers can help people pay the rent for safe, decent, and sanitary housing in the Northeastern North Carolina private market. Since government rent assistance is provided on behalf of the clients, participants are able to find and move into their own approved housing, including townhouses, single-family homes, mobile homes, and apartments. The home needs to be approved by the program and meet qualifications.

What happens as part of section 8 is a rent subsidy or voucher is paid to the landlord directly by the community action agency. The exact amount of any support available in North Carolina will be set by several factors, including government allotment. The agency will also consider the number of household members, the family income, and other factors. Additional assistance can be provided by the Homeownership and Family Self Sufficiency program.




Head Start from the Economic Improvement Council helps children grow. It addresses social, physical, medical, cognitive and emotional needs of families in counties, including Pasquotank and Washington. The EIC program will work with children and their parents to bring about a greater degree of social competence. All of the assistance offered as part of Head Start will promote self-sufficiency for the child and really the entire family. Some of the main resources available are as follows.

Dental and Medical Services are offered for each child. They will receive language, speech, hearing, vision, social and developmental screenings. Every child who enrolls into Head Start will also have a dental examination, physical, basic check ups, and other care given to them. Parents will be informed in writing by the doctor or dentist of all scheduled appointments and follow-ups.

Food and nutrition is part of Head Start too. It focuses on helping the family and child. The personnel from the Head Start centers in North Carolina meet their responsibilities in ensuring that the children that are enrolled receive their total daily nutritional needs. The program will promote the development of children.

Head Start also provides a free nutritious lunch, breakfast, and an afternoon snack to the children daily. Economic Improvement Council (EIC) will provide a variety of free, good food including cultural and ethnic meals. Special diets will be met as well for those that need it.





Save money from Weatherization. While there is often a waiting list, it will install free energy efficiency measures to approved homes. The service is for low-income households in the region. The EIC weatherization services are delivered to a wide variety of housing units in the service area in Chowan Washington, Dare, and Pasquotank. It is also for multi-family dwellings, single-family homes, and even mobile homes.

As part of the program, staff and contractors will perform on-site home energy audits using to inspect the homes heating and cooling systems for efficiency. Depending on the results of that inspection, Weatherization crews or contractors from Economic Improvement Council will install additional insulation, minor repairs to ensure safety, seal off air leaks, make modifications to (or replace) existing furnaces and cooling systems.

The numerous energy saving measures, which are offered at no cost to qualified homeowners, will help people reduce their heating and cooling bills for years. The ultimate goal of the conservation measures is to increase the energy efficiency of dwellings owned by low-income persons, improve their health and safety, reduce their total residential energy expenditures, and help the elderly, disabled and families with children.

EIC programs support all of the region. The main Economic Improvement Council, Inc. office is at 712 Virginia Road, Edenton, North Carolina 27932. Call (252) 482-4458.



By Jon McNamara

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