Eastern Carolina Human Services Agency programs.

The Community Action Agency known as Eastern Carolina Human Services provides assistance in the counties of Duplin and Onslow Counties. Most of the aid they offer is intended to help low income clients gain self-sufficiency. As part of this, there may be some government grants available for needs such as paying rent or utility bill assistance. However the goal is on stability of the participant.

Self-sufficiency is defined by Eastern Carolina Human Services as the process through which an individual reaches financial stability or economic independence. How this occurs is that over time, the client reduces their reliance on government assistance, public aid, social services or other similar income maintenance programs.

Mandated by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, ECHSA's Family Self-Sufficiency Program, or FSS, serves as an umbrella program in the region of Duplin County and nearby towns. It includes a range of services aimed at helping families become economically self-supporting.

This concept came about to improve upon the not so effective so called revolving-door social services, where single situations are addressed in the short-term, but the problem persists because the larger issues (such as lack of stable employment) are not resolved.

Eastern Carolina Human Services and its case managers work to break the cycle of poverty and/or homelessness. They are involved in guiding families and individuals to independence from federal government and state of North Carolina programs. It can lead to improved family incomes, greater personal responsibility, and ultimately to a transition out of poverty.

Both ECHSA and HUD operate FSS with the intention that program graduates not only transition from low income government subsidized housing, but also establish savings that may be used toward paying for a car, home, continuing education, or another asset of value. This is done by creating a self-sufficiency plan of action with the help of a case manager, and then linking that particular household with appropriate programs and support services.

Some of the assistance programs offered as part of FSS include employment and job training along with Communication and Skill-Building. There may be government grants to pay for Housing and Energy Bills. Other services include referrals to education/Training Programs, Assistance with Child Care Expenses, and Counseling.




Community Services Block Grant is another federal government sponsored program that helps low income and working poor people move toward the goal of self-sufficiency. ECHSA uses CSBG funding to provide assistance and resources to low-income individuals, the disabled, seniors, and families who are in need.

The short-term goal is to help them through a crisis, such as delinquent rent. Or lack of food. Or the homeless may receive funds to pay a security deposit. The long-term goal is to guide residents of Duplin and Onslow toward financial independence by helping them to help themselves.

This is done through case management, and also through support services that help a family assess its strengths and work to achieve economic stability in order to take charge of their financial future. With funding from CSBG, the community action agency can assist heads of households with learning to market themselves more effectively in order to budget their money, find better jobs and even to find a better place to live.

The center will also provide services for children that demonstrate the importance of cooperating as a family unit. Get assistance with paying rent, transportation for work, Childcare, Shelter, Water and Utility bills, and more. There is also Human Resource Development and Job Training as well as Goal Setting.

Supportive Services for Veteran Families is funded by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. There are many components to it. It provides low-income or homeless veterans and their families with services aimed at preventing evictions and achieving family stability.

As part of SSVF, Eastern Carolina Human Services Community Action will offer Case Management and Counseling. There is also Temporary Financial Assistance for housing expenses, such as security deposits, rent, or utilities. Other services include Financial Planning, Employment Search Assistance, and Free Legal Services. Or access Referrals and Links to VA and Other Agencies.





For income-eligible households with members who have disabilities, ECHSA offers the Mainstream Housing for Persons with Disabilities Program. This is a voucher program that assists with the cost of paying for low income, affordable housing in North Carolina For more information on rent subsidized housing or loans, please call ECHSA, which is the Public Housing Agency for Onslow and Duplin Counties. Call 910-347-2151 in Jacksonville North Carolina or 910-285-5331 in Wallace.

For information in regard to eligibility requirements or other benefits for the Housing Choice Voucher Program for Renters, call the agency below. They also provide details on the Homeownership Voucher Program. Dial your local Public Housing Agency. In Onslow County, call 910-347-2151/2152. In Duplin County, call 910-285-5331.

Weatherization services from Human Services provides energy-efficient as well as safe home alterations to both homeowners and renters that meet income guidelines. Services provided by what is known as WAP can include sealing of air leaks, insulation of attics and sidewalls, or the replacement of smoke detectors. The free energy conservation program may also replace water heaters, AC units, furnaces and refrigerators as necessary. The North Carolina State Department of Administration's Division of Energy provides the funding for weatherization.




The ECHSA Daycare Center is highly rated. In fact, it is Onslow County's premier nonprofit daycare center. The non-profit agency coordinates quality care for children under twelve years of age. They provide a safe, healthy environment for students that is designed to be conducive to positive growth and development. Children are given the opportunity to acquire new skills and enjoy new experiences.

The locations are as follows. Eastern Carolina Human Services Agency Central Office is at 246 Georgetown Rd., Jacksonville, NC 28541. Call 910-347-2151/2152. The Duplin County Office is located at 208 Southwest Railroad St., Wallace, NC 28466, phone 910-285-5331.


By Jon McNamara

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