Detroit heating bill assistance programs.

Government programs, energy centers and state resources are all available for Detroit families to help them with paying their winter heating bills. Financial aid is available for natural gas, electricity, propane, heating oil, and more. DTE Energy Company also offers their own programs and works closely with non-profits and agencies across the city of Detroit.

The Salvation Army of Detroit offers low income families the Heat and Warmth fund. Emergency grants can help those qualified families who are behind on their bills, whose heat or natural gas has been shut off, or who need to pay for the delivery of fuel, heating oil or propane. People can only apply once per year, and money is paid directly to your energy company, such as DTE Energy Company or Consumers Energy. The program is run from an office at 607 Shelby Street, Suite 400 in Detroit. Call toll free (800) 866-8429.

Energy centers are located across the Detroit Michigan region. Staff can advise people on various government, city, and state heating and energy assistance programs.

  • Fort Wayne District Office, 6534 W. Jefferson, Detroit, Michigan 48209. (313) 554-8300
  • Glendale/Trumball District Office, 396 Glendale, Highland Park, Michigan. (313) 852-2187
  • Grand River/Warren District Office, 5131 Grand River. Phone (313) 361-7300
  • Grandmont District Office, 17455 Grand River Ave., Detroit, MI 48227. (313) 493-7801
  • Gratiot/Seven Mile District Office, 14061 Lappin St. Telephone (313) 372-6200.
  • Greenfield/Joy District Office, 8655 Greenfield. (313) 943-5200

From any of this offices or social workers who work there, learn about or apply for programs such as State Emergency Relief, Shut Off Protection, or more. See below for highlights of this resources.

One of the main heating bill programs in Detroit is known as State Emergency Relief, or SER. It offers grants and limited amounts of financial assistance to working poor and low-income households who are about to have their heat or natural gas turned off, and who meet other program requirements. Those households in Detroit who are applying for help were expected to make required payments for their bills in the past before applying for SER. Any type of payments issued by the state or city may include just the amount needed to continue or maybe either restore your heating service for up to a month. Money may pay for deposit on your account. In addition, funds can even pay for up to 30 days of heating oil or fuel. Dial (313) 926-8600, or call an energy center above.





The Salvation Army of Detroit and Eastern Michigan operates from a location known as the Denby Center. It is located at 20775 Pembroke in Detroit. A program known as LIEA, or low income energy assistance, is provided. It provides emergency financial assistance to help low-income individuals and families whose utilities are in danger of being shut off, have been disconnected, or who have an immediate need for the delivery of propane or fuel. 313.537.2130

The Winter Protection Plan is available for the elderly, senior citizens, and other low income customers in Detroit who are faced with a shut off of their heat, and it runs from November to March of each year. Individuals are allowed to enter into some form of payment plan, and they will need to pay a budgeted amount on both their current and past due energy bills. If they abide by it they can keep their heat or natural gas service on over the course of the winter.

Another similar service is the Shut Off Protection Plan, and this is offered for all people, regardless of their income or financial condition. Residential customers can receive protection from shut off of their heat if payments are maintained. This particular service is actually offered year round in Michigan, and not just during the winter.

The Home Heating Credit is offered by the State of Michigan Treasury Department. This is indirect heating assistance funds, and low income families may qualify.

With many homes in Detroit being older, the Energy Efficiency Assistance Program/Weatherization can help low income homeowners. Call 866.976.0512. Free updates can be made to your home, including adding insulation and programmable thermostat, weather stripping, insulation and more.




By Jon McNamara

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