Deschutes County St. Vincent De Paul assistance programs.

Members of the community who are referred to the emergency assistance programs from St. Vincent De Paul of Deschutes County may be eligible for help. Anyone in need of basic support (such as food or clothing), monetary aid (including for rent), counseling, or even referrals can stop in at the office. There are no age requirements in place at the church based group in Redmond Oregon, and assistance is also provided to the disabled in Deschutes County.

Appointments are needed from families in Deschutes County. It is recommended for people to drop in to meet with a case manager. Or a volunteer may visit the applicant at home. While no clients will even be given cash by St. Vincent, the team may offer some funds directly to the company that is owed. Or they will try to negotiate payment plans on bills or provide other suggestions for addressing the hardship.

Personal hygiene items, free food and clothing – This form of Deschutes County St. Vincent De Paul assistance can come in a few ways. One is the thrift store, which will have a cost associated with it. The pantry provide free groceries (such as soup, coffee, cereal, formula, and more) for free, but this has limited usage. Last, but not least, the clothing closet has items such as shoes, linens, work attire, and home items. So using these tools, everything from furniture to clothes may be offered.

The society of Saint Vincent will also offer additional support to clients who have survived domestic violence. Some other scenarios, such as a person being ill or face with a life threatening condition, may also be given free food or clothing. All of this aid can help people get back on their feet.

While the Deschutes County St. Vincent De Paul thrift store and pantry can provide some items, the staff there are also a resource. Clients can ask them for additional suggestions. Many of the staff, who tend to be volunteers, can direct people to financial help programs too for everything from medical needs to housing.

Priority for any financial aid from Deschutes County St. Vincent De Paul is given to clients who are disabled and/or particularly vulnerable. The church based groups helps chronically homeless individuals and families as well as people living in poverty access permanent housing. This program includes the following.




  • Information on grants for bills.
  • There is also in-home case management.
  • For the mentally ill or those with a medical condition, programs can offer therapeutic and psychiatric services to assist clients with the housing-stabilization process.
  • Emergency cash assistance for rent or preventing homelessness.
  • Other forms of grant based aid may be paid out for other living expenses or housing costs.

Through the assistance programs offered directly by utility companies (such as payment plans or donation services), Deschutes County St. Vincent De Paul helps low-income families and senior citizens afford the cost of heating their home. There can be advice on how to apply for financial assistance for water or other utility bills, such as LIHEAP. Or clients can learn about the payment plans in the state of Oregon. This service in Redmond often includes energy-conservation initiatives as well, which would be for both water and heating costs.

As noted, there is a food pantry on site. This location is where groceries and some personal hygiene items will be issued from. In addition, senior citizens can receive a hot meal at a dining center and other support.

Any food provided by St. Vincent De Paul in the Redmond region will try to meet USDA recommended levels for nutrition. This means that each congregate meal served at a center consists of an entrée and the side items such as fruits, breads, vegetables, milk. But as noted, the charity tries to offer other support such as access to community resources (such as workshops on applying for Medicare or housing) and positive social interaction, including Bingo and field trips. This is all done and is available above and beyond the standard pantry service.





The food is mostly donated or granted to the dining center by the USDA. Volunteers from all age groups in Deschutes County also help prepare and serve the food. Or they volunteer to keep the pantry running. Food offered will meet 1/3 of daily recommended nutrition levels, but low in cholesterol, fat, sugar, calories and sodium.

St. Vincent De Paul will try to help job seekers, seniors, and the medically ill with a ride. Case workers offer means of public transportation to medical appointments, job interviews, a pharmacy, or other locations. This local, Deschutes County Oregon program can serve as an alternative source of transportation for local citizens when their regular vehicles are out of commission.

Volunteers offer this for a low cost, and they try to offer vehicles are able to accommodate individuals with disabilities. Advance notice is always required when booking transportation appointments.

The thrift store, as well as intake site, for Deschutes County St. Vincent De Paul is at 1610 SW Veterans Way, Redmond, Oregon 97756. the primary phone number is (541) 923-5264.




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