Denbigh United Christian Outreach, or THRIVE, programs.

The charity organization known as Denbigh United Christian Outreach, or Thrive Peninsula, strives to help the less fortunate. They offer short term support for families facing a crisis, and that can include assistance around housing as well as food and basic needs. Programs such as HOMEseek and Seeds of Service also offer support. Also, partnering with other groups, they fight poverty by both listening to the client and then referring them to additional solutions.

One major challenge is homelessness. Another is food insecurity. So Denbigh United Christian Outreach addresses both of these by providing either emergency rental assistance to stop an eviction or they disburse food from a pantry, known as Soul-Ful. Or residents can learn about other resources below.

Denbigh United Christian Outreach Emergency Assistance helps struggling and at-risk families by providing free food, clothing, medical assistance, housing assistance and transportation during a crisis. The agency will only pay a portion of a bill, and the applicant also needs to contribute toward what is due. This program is for income-eligible clients.

THRIVE will also offer transportation assistance. This will be for reasons such as a job or critical medical appointment. What is usually given out will be a free bus token, but in some cases gasoline vouchers are used. This is part of their emergency assistance program.

The Community Food and Nutrition Program (CFNP) works directly with medical and social service organizations in Newport News. Denbigh United Christian Outreach, which was renamed as Thrive Peninsula, partners with these groups to try to supplement dietary and medical needs of indigent, low income clients and seniors residing in the Newport News area.

There is a food pantry at Denbigh United as well. This is for any individual or family in dire circumstances. Staple food items such as breads, pasta and canned goods are provided during a time of crisis. This service is strictly confidential to community members that meet income levels.

The Weatherization program is funded through a combination of Federal Government and also utility company resources. This was created to help people save money on their heating bills by increasing the energy efficiency of their current homes or apartments.





Each property in the Newport News service area is thoroughly analyzed to determine its current energy efficiency levels and what takes priority for improvement. A work order is then sent to a qualified contractor that is approved by Denbigh United Christian Outreach. They will then put permanent, high quality weatherization methods into the home. Some of the work that may be done includes additional insulation for attics, walls, floors, CFL bulbs, and heating system pipes or ducts.

While less common, if needed, heating systems may be repaired or replaced through weatherization. But this can be expensive so is limited. This program and the work performed is free of charge to the client.

Denbigh United Christian Outreach Community Outreach was created to assist the disabled, low-income and elderly individuals residing in the county. This is oftentimes the starting point for an individual to attain help during a crisis. There is a wealth of information available on services such as clothing, food baskets and other daily living necessities.

Applications to public benefits are available on site as well. Workers at the Community Outreach are able to help clients fill out LIHEAP or Christmas bureau forms as well as offering other confidential advice. It can even be done on a one-to one basis.

Much of this support will be combined with Soaring to Financial Freedom, a budgeting/financial literacy class. Career Counseling is also given by THRIVE. There is one on one advice given to qualified Newport News residents. This is a kep service for helping them to overcome their challenge. They can even help immigrants as well as other get documentation, including a license or maybe social security card.

The Senior Information Line is a service for older, low-income clients and their family members who need access to various resources in the community. The staff at the Christian Outreach center have details on dozens of local charities and churches. They try to refer clients to these resources. In fact, any income qualified client will be given referrals regarding transportation, medications, chore services, housing or any other need for the elderly.




Home based support is also for the elderly. Denbigh United Christian Outreach staff help low-income, qualifying seniors in the community with tasks such as minor home repairs, housekeeping and seasonal chores. These tasks are done by screened, private contractors and volunteers from local schools, churches and non-profit organizations in the community. This can only be used on a temporary basis for situations such as an illness, injury or recent hospitalization.

Denbigh United Christian Outreach runs a Back to School Supply Drive every year that is offered to anyone attending school in Newport News Virginia. Basic supplies as well as clothing is provided to these individuals. The items from the drive come from monetary donations and specifically donated items collected from local area business, organizations and community members.

Resource Connections - This is a referral service only from THRIVE. Learn about local emergency shelters along with transitional housing is available for eligible individuals and families in Newport News Virginia. Those who are currently homeless or face an imminent threat of being evicted have access to services to prevent this crisis from occurring. Using both case management as well as money from government programs such as ESG, clients work on goals to help keep them in their current house or apartment.

All of the Denbigh United Christian Outreach housing type programs address a vast array of issues that often lead to the situation. As noted, any housing resources are via referrals only and linkage to other local agencies. Whether it is addiction, underemployment, health problems, domestic violence, or a recent release from jail, the cause of the eviction is addressed. But the applicant needs to be found qualified for this support from a partner group..

Other services available through the Housing and Shelter Programs include case management, financial literacy training, mainstream resource assistance, and information and referrals. These referrals are made based on a client’s needs. Or there may be the possibility of having a portion of any back rent paid.

THRIVE has an address of 13195 Warwick Boulevard, Unit 2C, Newport News, VA 23602-8320. Call  (757) 877-6211.



By Jon McNamara

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