Delta Human Resource Agency financial assistance programs.

Providing a hand-up to low income families, Delta Human Resource Agency is a leading organization that is fighting poverty in the counties of Fayette, Tipton, and Lauderdale. They can direct residents to emergency aid, such as crisis LIHEAP, or long term support, including job training. The goal is to help clients gain self-sufficiency.

In order to get assistance, the applicant needs to go through case management. Income limitations are in place, and clients need to meet all terms and conditions. Also, resources are limited in limited in Tennessee and nationwide, and unfortunately many families seeking help will need to be turned away.

Educational services such as Head Start

Delta Human Resource Agency administers Head Start in the region. This will prepare children for school, and is a leading school-readiness program designed for financially disadvantaged children, including those with a disability.

This statewide and national program prepares children for school by fostering development. Teachers and volunteers help educational, health care needs, meals and nutritional services and more. In particular, Head Start focuses on cultivating the early reading and math skills that children from the counties of Lauderdale and others need for success.

Early Head Start from Delta Human Resource Agency is intended for even younger children from the community. It promotes healthy prenatal outcomes, helps strengthen the development of infants and toddlers, and encourages strong and healthy family functioning. Eligibility for both the Head Start and Early Head Start programs is based on household income, number of people in the home, and other criteria.

Moreover, CSBG (which is expanded upon below) finances the youth leadership program for high school students. Participants in this enrichment program engage in educational and cultural activities that encourage community service.




Emergency financial aid for rent, bills, and food

Find help with cooling and utility bills from LIHEAP, or the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. This assists needy households, with a focus on seniors and the disabled in Tennessee. Government grants can help households meet the cost of heating and/or cooling their homes.

Using funds from LIHEAP, Delta Human Resource Agency provides financial assistance for home-utility bills, energy-conservation education and income-management counseling. It also offers intervention services to help low-income households deal with utility companies.

An emergency component is available too, as clients who use electricity as a heating and cooling source should contact Delta Human Resource Agency ASAP if their service will be terminated in the immediate future. In addition to that, clients who use gas, fuel oil or kerosene as a heating and cooling source should contact the agency when their fuel tank is less than 5% full.

In addition, Delta Human Resource Agency has information on non-profits and charities in counties such as Fayette or Tipton that may be able to help with utility or paying water bills. There are many other local programs that may be able to provide further assistance to households struggling with energy expenditures. While the monetary amounts paid out will be small, they too can help in a crisis.

Qualified homeowners can make their homes more energy efficient through Weatherization. This free program provides hundreds of dollars’ worth of upgrades to help clients save money and reduce home-energy costs. The community action agency works with the state of Tennessee as well as the U.S. Department of Energy to evaluate the efficacy of these measures by comparing the amount of money saved against installation costs.

Temporary housing is also available in the counties of Lauderdale and others. This is for homeless women, children and families, including single parents or veterans. The centers will also arrange for case management services, and these are offered at the shelters to help clients find employment, pursue higher education and obtain permanent housing. Clients can also learn about section 8 vouchers, security deposit programs, or public housing.





Homeless individuals, or those on the verge of eviction in Delta Human Resource service area, can secure stable housing under the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) program. The HUD - Department of Housing and Urban Development funds this program on an annual basis, and there may be grants provided to qualified residents for expenses such as a deposit or back rent.

The Community Services Block Grant provides social services and monetary aid that assist low-income individuals and families with both temporary and long-term household needs. One component of this, case management, helps clients improve their condition by establishing milestones for the achievement of specific goals. This service includes referrals, counseling, advocacy, education and employment assistance.

Delta Human Resource community action will also try to offer general emergency assistance, which addresses temporary crises. This may be offered in the form of loans, but any funds will help clients prevent termination of utility service and mortgage foreclosure or stop evictions. This service also assists clients with other household needs, such as the purchase of prescription medication.

For more information, dial 901-415-2790. Or stop by the main office at 915 Highway 51 S., Covington, Tennessee 38019. Appointments will be needed and a formal process is in place.



By Jon McNamara

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