Delaware County Indiana cooling bill assistance and fans.

If you need assistance in staying cool during the summer, seek assistance from programs that can provide free fans, air conditioners or other forms of help, such as direct cash assistance for paying bills. The Interlocal Community Action Program is one of the leading non-profit agencies to call for help in Delaware County Indiana. Case managers and social workers do whatever they can to ensure people stay cool and receive assistance during the summer months. Phone number is (765) 288-8732.

The amount of aid provided will vary each year, and it depends on government grants and other donations. While the agency generally believes they have enough funds to help everyone who needs it, people should still call or stop by to get their names on a waiting list for a fan or the Energy Bill Assistance Program. It is better to start the application process earlier as it takes time to get approved and for any money to be distributed to the needy and low income.

The state of Indiana will usually provide money for the Summer Cool Program. Federal government funds also flow to the state. This will provide air conditioners, fans, and utility bill vouchers to low income families that meet qualifications. Every county in the state, including Delaware, will receive money to help families in their community stay cool.

In general, Delaware County Indiana residents who receive heating bill assistance during the winter will automatically get summer cooling bill help. It can be cash, fan, or an air conditioner. Provided families still meet income guidelines when summer starts, they do not need to reapply for the help.

The amount of aid provided to a client will vary. In past years the voucher amounts provided have changed. For example, in some years $100 was provided to a family’s utility provider to help with paying electric bills. In some years the maximum grant would be $65. It really depends on federal and state government funding, and it can change from year to year.





If you have never received energy assistance in the past, low income families new to the EAP can apply for cooling assistance, but not until July of every year. But organizers from Interlocal Community Action Program encourage people to get their names on a waiting list as soon as possible. Most of the programs operate on a first come, first serve basis.

The energy burdens for most families are increasing, and many are struggling when considering the weak economy. Thousands of people apply for and receive help every year. The state of Indiana may also re-allocate funds on a yearly basis in order to help as many people as possible during the summer.

Free fans and/or air conditioners are also available for families and seniors who qualify. In general, residents must have a child under the age of 5, be elderly, or disabled. In many cases applicants need to provide Interlocal Community Action Program a doctor’s note addressing the need for the unit, as they are limited. Those with a medical condition, who also meet income guidelines, will almost always be given priority.





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