DeKalb County Indiana Salvation Army social services.

The Salvation Army has a Family Store in Auburn Indiana. The location is where their social services are administered from, with a focus on offering items such as clothing or assistance around hunger prevention. The location in DeKalb County Indiana can also serve as a place for information as well as referrals to financial support, however those resources are not directly offered.

The store tries to meet humanitarian needs of the low to moderate income. The staff as well as volunteers are dedicated to not only offering counseling to clients, but they also work with people as they try to break the cycle of poverty, hunger, and homelessness.

Assistance from the Thrift or Family Store – First and foremost, the money raised from the location is used to fund the Salvation Army assistance programs. There is no money kept for administrative costs and other unnecessary expenses. Since the DeKalb County Salvation Army is a non-profit, the funds are used wisely and within appropriate guidelines.

What may be sold at the store is as follows. This does depend on donation levels from the public as well as local businesses too.

-Furniture for a home or apartment.
-Clothing items, including winter jackets, boots, school uniforms, shoes, boots, and more.
-Classic or vintage gifts.
-Educational or school supplies, including used computers for students.
-Holiday or seasonal items. The thrift store will mostly sell toys, backpacks for students, and similar goods.
-Household goods, such as cleaning supplies, bedding, appliances, and more.

All of the items will tend to be gently used. However the DeKalb County Salvation Army staff do their best to prepare and clean up the items. If something is in rough shape, then it will not be sold at the store.

Additional DeKalb County Salvation Army social services – The location is limited in what else they can do. Generally the location can be a source of information as well as spiritual counseling for the working poor in the area. On occasion, there may be enough money raised from the thrift store to provide some financial aid to the needy for certain bills, medications, or rent.





The centers operate in Auburn Indiana, but support all of DeKalb County. They can help youth, seniors, the homeless, and people living in poverty. Social services will come with an application process needed, such as proof of income and other factors. Residency is also needed, as well as identification from all household members. When available, there may be referrals to or small dollar amounts of funding for the following.

-Clients can be linked to agencies that may offer emergency utility bill or rent help.
-Health care and medical needs, such as referrals to prescription drug assistance programs or clinics are available.
-The Salvation Army can also try to place people into shelters.
-Free food or hot meals may be offered on occasion to help feed the hungry, especially children.

Another focus is on helping children as well as senior citizens during Christmas. The Salvation Army center in DeKalb County of course has the Family Store in which people can shop at. Not only that, but the Angel Tree is also available too. This is the key donation service that provide items such as toys and free Christmas presents to kids. It also can offer home visits to senior citizens too for their basic needs.

DeKalb County Salvation Army helps coordinate solutions for victims of domestic violence as well as people that need drug or alcohol treatment. Not only may they be placed into a housing program while they regain stability, but there emergency basic needs such as food and hygiene items are also addressed. Salvation Army case managers will also stay in contact with the client as they work through those barriers they are trying to overcome.

The Family/Thrift Store of the Salvation Army is based at 1006 W 7th St, Auburn, IN 46706. Anyone in DeKalb County can dial (260) 927-9641 for referrals.



By Jon McNamara

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