Morgan County and Decatur Salvation Army assistance programs.

Various social services and community ministries from the Decatur Salvation Army help the less fortunate in Macon County Illinois. The Christian church, which is set up as a charity, assists regardless of religion, race, age, or gender. Qualified applicants can get financial help for paying bills, maybe a free gift at Christmas, and more. There is also an emergency shelter for men and women on site.

The assistance for paying bills (rent, housing, gasoline, heating, etc.) comes from the Social Service Center on site. The funds are limited, and the applicant needs to also make a partial payment as well as explore all other local programs first. When applying, bring some or all of the following.
-Copy of income, proof of residency, social security cards, etc.
-Copy of relevant proof, such as lease for rent help, disconnect letter for utility assistance, etc.
-The Salvation Army in Macon County wants to ensure clients are able and willing to work, budget, and address their hardship.

Often this form of one time financial assistance (referenced above) is combined with free groceries from the client choice food pantry. The goal is to help anyone in need in Macon County Illinois, and the Salvation Army as well as its partners strive to limit hunger in the community. Or for more low cost, basic needs the thrift store can be used. But what is sold in Macon County Illinois will be offered at a low price.

Senior Care Programs operate year round in Decatur Illinois. There are activities such as free health fairs, meals from pot lucks, field trips, recreational activities, and information on benefits including Medicare. The Decatur Salvation Army may also help low income seniors stay warm during the winter by opening a cold Weather shelter and/or providing grants to pay heating costs.

Ministries on site include Community Caring as well as one for women. So Macon County Illinois residents have two options available to them. Both of these are more focused on soft skills, such as growth, development, career counseling and general compassion.





While technically part of the Social Services Department, there is also a shelter on site. It is for everyone from the homeless to women fleeing domestic violence, with a facility also focused on men. The shelter will of course not only give individuals a place to sleep for a night or two, but while there there are some snacks, water, and hygiene kits for the homeless. They can also meet with a caseworker to address their main need, which is lack of housing. The phone number for this facility is 217-428-4672.

A number of free holiday programs are run by the Macon County Illinois Salvation Army. They are seasonal in nature with an early registration period. They include the following resources.

During Christmas, there is the Angel Tree christmas toy and present program for kids. Seniors and those in a nursing home in Decatur can also get a visit from a Salvation Army Decatur volunteer. Thanksgiving is of course time for Turkey dinners and all the toppings. During Easter, kids may be given a basket full of snacks...they try to be healthy!

Youth Ministries are also for children as well as students in Decatur Illinois. This service combines many different things. What a kid may be able to attend is attend summer camp. Or maybe they can be given free school supplies, notebooks, clothing, and similar items. The goal is to always help children in the community get off on the right path to success.

The most effective place for referrals/information is the Decatur Salvation Army Social service Center. This location is at 229 West Main Street, Decatur, Illinois 62525. For more information on the charity, dial 217 428-4672.



By Jon McNamara

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