Dayton water bill assistance.

Low income and struggling families in the Dayton Ohio area that need more time to pay their water bills or that are struggling can receive assistance. Most of the aid is provided in the form of payment plans or referrals to non-profits and social services in Montgomery County.

There are a number of conditions that need to be met by Dayton Water customers. Payment plans are not offered to just anyone. Some of the terms in place include the following.

If your account is in in regular status, then the individual needs to request a payment plan prior to the due date. They will need to pay a portion of the outstanding water bill first, and this is normally around 33%. Then the balance will still need to be paid over time.

When your water bills are already overdue, or in a past due status, then the household will need to make a down payment on their bill of up to 50%. The first payment is due within one week of the payment plan. Then the balance on the account will need to be paid within 2 weeks.

When an account has already been in a shut off status, then in order to enter into a plan the customer needs to immediately pay 50%, then pay the balance within an agreed upon time frame. If your service has been disconnected, then it is too late to receive assistance. The balance on your Dayton water bills needs to be paid in full in order to get the account reactivated. There may also be fees or reconnection deposits due as well.

There are many cases in which the customer can’t get assistance. For example, payment plans are not granted on bad checks or customers that have had a history of doing that. People also can’t get financial assistance if they have had two consecutive canceled Payment Plans in a six month period or if they have completed missed paying their water bills for 12 months. In general, these plans can be offered and vary per the accounts past history and activity.

There are separate programs in place for tenants or rental properties. An owner of a home or apartment complex in Montgomery County may request that no payment arrangements be provided by Dayton water to their tenants. This needs to be formally done in writing.





This can be a detailed request as well and come with exceptions or conditions. For example, the property owner could say that the tenant is allowed to have some form of payment arrangement on their property, but only for a certain quarter of the year. Or they could say that any unpaid balance needs to be paid by a certain date. The point is that any assistance program for Montgomery County Ohio families can be flexible if it is an owner occupied property.

So if you are a renter, the Payment Plans are not permitted on the unit you live if the property owner has requested a block on the account. In these cases it is recommended that the tenant call the landlord directly to try to work at some type of program.

Anyone that is struggling can call for referrals to charities, churches, government programs, and local social services. For example, families can learn about local Salvation Army centers or charities such as Saint Vincent de Paul. There may also be some churches or small charities that have funds for paying water bills.

If you have receive a disconnection notice from Dayton Water, then a customer has about 60 days from billing to the formal termination of their service. So take advantage of this time to explore any assistance programs. A turn-off notice will be mailed out if nothing is done to bring your account current. Any unpaid balance remaining on your water bills after 30 days is considered delinquent.

To learn more, get referrals, or apply for help, call Customer Service at (937) 333-3550 to set-up your payment plan and explore other options.



By Jon McNamara

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