Pittsylvania County Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Danville Virginia Salvation Army is a Christian, faith based group that provide many services in the community. Some of the aid is financial in nature, and is called Family Services. Other programs are more around development for kids and adults (the Ministries), provide free clothing, holiday or free school supplies, emergency rental assistance and much more. A multitude of assistance programs are available from the charity organization.

The center is involved in helping the poor, providing clients with information on local resources, and trying to end a cycle of poverty. The goal is to provide basic needs and as well as much more throughout the process so that the family can feed itself; pay the bills; and not go hungry or homeless. Note that any Pittsylvania County Salvation Army financial aid programs will be very limited though, as money is not plentiful. Most of the applications and hours are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday with phone calls needed.

Primary programs from Danville Salvation Army

The list below is some of what may be offered, based on resources as well as the timing of the year. In addition to these assistance programs, there is always a need for volunteers to help the charity. They could also use donations, including of money, material goods, or even for residents of Pittsylvania County to shop at or give goods to the thrift store.

Shelter, housing, and homeless services are for everyone struggling with their rent, utilities, or mortgage to the currently homeless. The Salvation Army in Pittsylvania County has many programs to address this need. One of them will provide financial help, another one will house the person into an overnight shelter. All of the funds for paying housing type bills (rent, energy, etc.) are combined with mandatory case management services. Applications are accepted Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. There are a number of other energy bill assistance programs that the charity can help people explore too.

Holiday assistance programs start to accept applications during the fall. All of the goods, whether free Christmas toys or meal baskets to Thanksgiving turkeys, are passed out first come and served basis. These, maybe more than any other Danville Salvation Army programs, rely heavily on donations from the community. This is the core of how Angel Tree as well as other services operate.





Danville Salvation Army Case management is used for breaking a cycle of poverty/financial hardship. Case managers go over employment needs as well as budgeting. If the client is battling addiction, then resources are provided to address that need as well. As the center provides information, and minimal substance abuse services.

The other main programs from the charity include for support for kids, and that is free school supplies distribution once per year as well as summer camps. This is part of the Youth Programs. The location also has a food pantry, low cost thrift store, as well as free clothing vouchers. Kids may also be given meals from Salvation Army center, or their partners.

Adults, or those that are battling a financial hardship/addiction/homelessness, or that need some form of support can use the adult ministry services. There are programs that focus on men as well as women in the community. The Salvation Army in Danville offers these clients multiple services as part of the ministry.

Some of what is given is spiritual in nature. Some is counseling. All of the support provided by the Salvation Army is non-judgmental, confidential, and free. There is often follow up at the end of the session, such as the client may be given food, clothing, or other similar items.

When applying for any of these Danville Salvation Army resources, bring the following information. Proof of income, residency, and a copy of a budget; identification is needed for all household members, such as photo ID, SS card, or driver’s license; bring copies of lease, utility bills, bank statements, and other financial data. For more information or details, dial (434)792-396 or try the center at 123 Henry St. Danville, VA.



By Jon McNamara

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