Daniel Boone Community Action Agency programs.

Operating in counties including Jackson, Laurel, Clay, Owsley, Lee, Wolfe and Rockcastle, the non-profit Daniel Boone Community Action Agency (DBCAA) administers a number of assistance programs focused on breaking the cycle of poverty. There may be short term funds for paying bills in a crisis, but a main focus is on employment and education, and this is what the Workforce Investment Act Program can assist with.

When it comes to rent or mortgage help, their are homeownership and tenant services available to low-income households. They can get help in applying for financial aid for rent or energy bills from from Emergency Solution Grants, or receive counseling.

There are comprehensive homeownership services for working poor families in the service area. Daniel Boone Community Action is involved in the entire process, from managing the construction of homes to placing people into low income apartments. Their unique financing and loan options were created to make affordable accommodations for as many low-income families as possible, with subsidies for rent expenses based on the borrower’s income.

Weatherization from DBCAA can keep low income Kentucky residents in Laurel, Clay, and other counties warm during the winter and cool during the summer. There is support for families with children, the elderly, and the disabled. The savings are accomplished by providing free home alterations and improvements that reduce over-usage of electricity and make energy costs more manageable. Another benefit is it will improve the safety and health of the home’s occupants.

Inspectors and crews from the community action agency are highly trained in performing evaluations and also in providing energy-related education and updates. They will be involved in installing any number of energy-efficient measures to reduce the utility bills for clients.

Grants for utility bills are part of the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP. This was created as a federally funded program that provides direct financial assistance to eligible low-income households across the service area that are having difficulty paying home-heating bills. The Daniel Boone Community Action Agency administered service makes payments directly to the electric or gas providers, in amounts determined according to income, family size and the type of heating source used.




There are both one time payments for homeowners or renters as well as a crisis part of LIHEAP. This will provide funds to clients whose heat will be shut off within four days’ time. Or LIHEAP can also help people who have received disconnect notices.

A new foreclosure prevention option for struggling homeowners, the Kentucky Unemployment Bridge Program provides affordable loans to assist in covering mortgage payments. Eligibility requirements include a reduction of income or job loss through no fault of the homeowner. Additionally, applicants must be able to demonstrate a need for mortgage assistance.

Tenant Based Rental Assistance provides financial assistance with security deposits and utility service as well. This is available in counties including Rockcastle and Laurel, and is for eligible low or fixed-income households such as senior citizens. To qualify for deposit help from TBRA, applicants must be homeless or in the process of being evicted from current housing and have some form of income coming in the door.

Daniel Boone job placement is part of the Workforce Investment Act Program. This state and federal resource provides programming and services to assist adults, young people, and dislocated workers who are seeking employment in counties including Lee. Clients also need to be making an effort to acquire skills necessary for finding a job and becoming self-sufficient.

Priority for any employment support is placed on helping the unemployed or those who are working but desire to find new jobs with a better living wage. Case management and free advice is at the center of all WIA services. The client will be partnered with a WIA career advisor. They will cover activities such as Career Exploration, Assisted Job Search, Career Guidance, Development of a Written Career Plan, and even Assisted Job Development and Placement.





Transit and transportation operates according to an on-demand-response system. This means that applicants in counties such as Jackson or Wolfe call the transit office to request and schedule a ride in advance. Services are available to members of the general public living in Clay, Jackson, Lee, Owsley, and Wolfe Counties.

The drivers provide services that include helping the disabled or elderly with getting on and off the bus and into buildings. They will also assist door-to-door clients with moving from the automobile into the building and then back home. Or another option is the driver will simply pick up riders who don’t require assistance and take them where they need to go.

Child Care from Daniel Boone Community Action Agency is an option. The non-profit has been providing quality day care to the general public from a fully licensed center. There is assistance for infants, teenagers, toddlers, and school age children, encompassing an age range from birth upwards. This is a not free program, but rather is run as a fee-for-service center. For those that qualify, all child care bills are paid by parents or subsidized by the state of Kentucky

There are several offices run by Daniel Boone Community Action Agency, and the main centers are below. Contact them for more information.

  • Clay County is at 1535 Shamrock Rd., Manchester, Kentucky 40962, dial 606-598-5127.
  • Jackson County, 5748 KY Hwy. 290, McKee, Kentucky 40447, telephone 606-364-4484.
  • Laurel County location is at 188 Dog Patch Trading Center, London, KY 40741, telephone number 606-864-9121.
  • Rockcastle County - 105 East Main St., Mt. Vernon, KY, dial 606-256-5315.
  • Lee County, 1970 Old Hwy. 11, Beattyville, KY 41311, main number is 606-464-3859.
  • Owsley County, Owsley County Courthouse, Booneville, KY 41314, telephone 606-593-5153
  • Wolfe County center is at Campton, Kentucky 41301. Telephone number is 606-668-3509.



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