Dane County public assistance.

The main place for Dane County residents to turn to for public aid or government assistance is the Department of Human Services. The organization can provide grants and cash assistance for basic needs. Or staff from the center can help lower income families apply for state of Wisconsin of federal government benefits.

Burial assistance may be provided to indigent families. It is limited by funding and other conditions. However, when possible, the program provides limited coverage of funeral and burial expenses. To learn more on any aid available, residents need to inquire with their funeral director.

Assistance and subsidies for child care is available from statewide resources such as Wisconsin Shares. The county can help coordinate the payment for child care expenses to low-income parents who are working, in job training or that are preparing to enter the workforce.

This is a subsidy and Dane County will only pay for a potion of your child care bills. It depends on the applicants income, number of children, hours of care needed, funding available, your provider and other factors. Only parents that are meeting conditions, such as working and that have limited income, may qualify for public funds to pay for child. In addition, this is only offered for Dane County families with limited assets. Also, only certain providers are qualified to provide this service. Dial 608-271-9181 for more details, or ask the Human Services department.

Housing Emergency Assistance Grants is a possibility for low-income families facing foreclosure/eviction. It is mostly offered for those residents that are homeless and moving into a new home or apartment in Dane County Wisconsin. These public grants can also be used to assist those affected by flood, fire or some other form of natural disaster.

This grant is only offered at most once per year. The applicant needs to have a 5-day eviction notice for non-payment of rent or their mortgage. In addition, at least one minor dependent needs to be living in the home. A number of low income conditions are in place and the county also needs to review the applicants entire total household assets. The person facing eviction or that is homeless needs to have found new housing to move into. The number is 608-288-2460.




Energy and heating bill assistance is available. The Dane County Department of Human Services provides low income and qualified senior homeowners with state of Wisconsin and federal government funding for the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP). Telephone number is 608-267-8601.

FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) Program is for those residents that receive food stamps/FoodShare. See more information below. The county and social workers will help them find a job through education and training as well as work activities. 608-242-7402

Receive referrals to the Dane County Shelter Network. This non-profit program can provide short-term emergency shelter for homeless individuals and families. This is run in partnership with the Salvation Army. Call 608-256-2321 for details or information on pubic housing.

Wisconsin Works will help individuals find and keep a job. The goal is for the client to obtain self-sustaining employment. This program, also known as W-2, provides a wide range of training and employment services to help eligible Dane County Wisconsin residents gain self-sufficiency. The county and its staff also provide work experience positions through community service jobs and other placements with local employers. The government funded W-2 Wisconsin Works program is available to parents of minor children whose family income meets certain Federal Poverty Level (FPL).




Another option is the Dane County Job Center. This serves as a clearinghouse/central location for people looking for work as well as local businesses that need help finding qualified applicants. The center is made up of a partnership of community-based organizations and government agencies with a goal to help people gain better job opportunities through training, education, and economic support.

The main public food assistance program in the region is FoodShare Wisconsin. This can improve nutrition and health of low income families and end hunger in Dane County. It is available for individuals and families with limited income and resources. While some applications are processed by the federal government, others are processed by Dane County directly. This includes families with dependent children, individuals that are older than 64 years of age, the disabled, and residents that are younger than 19 years of age. Questions can be answered by dialing 1-888-794-5556.

Refugee Cash Assistance provides public aid, grants, medical bill assistance and cash to recently arrived refugees, immigrants and asylees who are not eligible for other public aid programs.




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