Programs from Community Centers in Dallas.

Community Centers in Dallas County provide assistance to low income and struggling families. The resources they have are very limited, but case managers can also provide referrals as well. There are dozens of agencies that work with the two centers, including Martin Luther King and the location in West Dallas, in an effort to help those that are less fortunate.

Clients can get information and intake to social services, food and rental programs, job training and more. The homeless can learn about shelters or maybe government grants to pay for a portion of a security deposit. Linkage to local charities is provided. Or there may be applications to other state of Texas or federal government benefits as well. They are heavily involved in collaborating with outside non-profit agencies and churches in Dallas.

While tens of thousands of people receive some form of support from the centers every year, only several hundred may get financial aid. This helps show how limited those programs are.

A Job Fair is held at the Dr. Martin Luther King, community center for ex-offenders. They can get career counseling services, maybe meet with employers, and possibly find employment. The Texas Alliance for the Formerly Incarcerated is a key partner of the job fair.

CCSSP, or the Community Center Social Services Program, is the name of many of the resources available at the two community centers. Some of what may be provided is below.

  • Utility Bill assistance, including water, electric, cooling, and heating bills.
  • Food programs. This may be SNAP applications or referrals to pantries in the county, including in West Dallas.
  • Seasonal programs, including a free summer fan for seniors.
  • Thanksgiving meals and free Christmas toys for children. They also partner on the Salvation Army Angel Tree.
  • Prescription medication referrals for disabled or elderly individuals.
  • Free prescription eye glass referrals and eye exams.
  • Rental assistance, including loans or funds for eviction prevention. Housing is also offered as part of HOPWA (Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS).
  • Information, counseling and referrals to Dallas assistance programs.
  • Credit counseling - This may be debt reduction, budgeting sessions, and other self-sufficiency.




Social Services and Emergency Support Program is offered in West Dallas as well. The center will administer emergency assistance (as funding allows) to individuals and families who have experienced a short term crisis. As noted, any financial services are based on availability of funds and government grants. Most people will not qualify due to lack of resources.

When applying for any social service, a formal application process is in place. Applicants need to have some or all of the following. Social Security Card, Late Notice for Mortgage Assistance, Texas Drivers License or Identification Card, Eviction Notice for Rental Assistance and proof of income and expenses. This may be receipts of expenses for the past 30 day as well as proof of income for past 30 days. Much more will be needed by the community centers as well.

Dallas Community Center Technology Center, or CTC, is for adults and older teenagers. There may be programs to help with Adult Basic Education, GED preparation, Introduction to computers, and ESL classes as well. There is free usage of computers, including internet access.

There are also other groups that partner with the Community Centers. They include the following. Brady Center, which can be reached at 214-826-8330. Or call the Bethlehem Foundation (214-371-3407) or North Dallas Shared Ministries at 214-620-8696. These non-profits all have crisis programs as well, and are key partners of the centers.

West Dallas Multipurpose Center, or WDMC, is based at 2828 Fish Trap Road. Telephone - 214-670-6530.
Operating from a facility that is on multiple acres, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center is located at 2922 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, Dallas, Texas 75215. Call (214) 670-8418 for more details.



By Jon McNamara

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