Crowleys Ridge community action development council financial assistance programs.

The Arkansas counties of Cross, Crittenden, Craighead, Greene, Jackson, St. Francis, Woodruff, and Poinsett can call upon Crowleys Ridge Development Council for assistance. The non-profit organization is part of the state's community action network and they are involved in offering a number of emergency assistance programs and social services.

Some of the main programs are energy bill assistance from LIHEAP, free food, transportation, and information on housing resources, such as emergency rent or security deposit help. Credit counseling is also a focus of the Crowley's Ridge Development Council in Arkansas.

Credit counseling, household budgeting training, and debt reduction is designed to educate participants on money management and enhance their financial skills. CRDC offers this through individual and group training sessions.

Very low-income families and individuals are eligible for the numerous classes and workshops. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation offers some classes in Arkansas as well, which are called “MONEY SMART”. The priority is given to senior citizens and disabled persons living on a fixed income. Crowley's Ridge Development Council offers other classes in collaboration with credit counseling organizations in local community. Workshops include lessons that offer an introduction to bank services, information on your rights as a consumer, how to make credit card work for you, credit repair, and more.

Prescription Medication assistance from Crowley's Ridge Development Council is offered to eligible clients. The non-profit may have funding or vouchers for buying prescriptions, which is usually very limited. Other information on local community clinics in Craighead or Jackson may be offered too.

The goal of the Weatherization Program is to help both owners and renters save money. They can reduce their energy costs through insulation and energy conservation services. A household in the area, such as Craighead County, can receive up to $6,500 for improvements. Property owners or renters who have income at or below 200% of current Federal Poverty Guidelines are eligible for free services. Priority is given to elderly and disabled, households with children under 18 and those with high energy consumption.




After an energy audit is conducted, following services are available from weatherization. They are heating systems testing and/or replacing, attic and wall insulations, broken windows or doors replacement or repair, air sealing  work, safety and health measures, and also free energy efficiency lighting and CFL bulbs.

Regional food pantries work with the community action agency. They are noted below.
Jackson County, Newport Services Center, 2000 McClain, Newport
Greene County site is at. Stop by Paragould Services Center, 144 Linwood, Paragould for free food, groceries, and other support.
Woodruff County, address - Augusta Services Center, 301 Main, Augusta
Poinsett County food bank is at  Marked Tree Services Center, 200 Industrial, Marked Tree
Cross County location is Wynne Services Center, 1304 S Falls, Wynne

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is available from the non-profit Crowley's Ridge Development Council. This state and federal resource provides eligible households help with paying utility bills, in particular heating. The amount of any grant issued depends on the household income. Households having a high energy burden can apply for an additional benefit.

Eligibility is based on factors including annualized income and the number of members in the household. All payments or credits from LIHEAP are applied directly to the bills. Families whose utility costs are a part of their rent and who are living in subsidized housing are entitled to special provisions. There are two primary types of LIHEAP assistance:

  • Regular Assistance - LIHEAP funds may be applied on a portion of the client’s regular monthly home bill.
  • Crisis Assistance – This is for clients who are in danger of having utility services disconnected or have less than 10% of a tank of heating fuel. They may be eligible for emergency LIHEAP assistance. It may also address a broken furnace too. The payment is directed to utility or fuel delivery companies. Assistance during the summer months is applied to electric bills only.

The Family Enrichment Program from CRDC supports families and individuals by helping them set and achieve goals which will lead them towards eventual self-sufficiency. Recognizing and overcoming barriers which obstruct families from achieve independence is the focus of the program. This free service helps clients gain jobs and/or identify their strengths.





Enrolled residents from the area work with the case manager who provides help with job skills, interview experience, resume review and job searches in counties such as Poinsett and Cross. One-on-one sessions provide assistance concerning budgeting, resources, decision making, parenting skills, job skills and life skills. In addition to support and assistance along the way, a case worker creates a plan of action to help participants achieve their goals and offers referrals to other agencies and resources.

Information and Referral to services, public aid and financial assistance programs is available to people in need. If the service a client needs is not operated by the community action agency, client is referred to another local agency. Get details on resources such as section 8, SSDI disability applications, emergency loan or grant programs for rent, and much more.

For additional information, clients can contact the agency by making a phone call or by visiting the office. Any help with completing an application form is available by polite and trained staff at Human Service Centers.

North East Arkansas Transit, or known as NEAT for short, offers affordable, rural transportation opportunities. NEAT operates in following counties, including Craighead, Crittenden, Cross, Poinsett, Mississippi, St. Francis, Jackson and Woodruff. NEAT and its drivers offers transportation to shopping, medical, employment, the hospital, education or public services/facilities.

Regional locations of CRDC, or the Crowley's Ridge Development Council, are as follows.

  • Address: 2401 Fox Meadow Lane, Jonesboro, AR 72401, Telephone: (870) 802-7100
  • Craighead County call: 1-870-802-7100
  • Crittenden County call: 1-870-400-4023
  • Cross County call: 1-870-238-1229
  • Greene County call: 1-870-239-3531
  • Jackson County call: 1-870-523-5475
  • Poinsett County call: 1-870-358-1200
  • St. Francis County call: 1-870-630-0193
  • Woodruff County call: 1-870-347-1458



By Jon McNamara

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