Coweta County Salvation Army emergency assistance programs.

One of the leading faith based, Christian organizations in Coweta County is the Salvation Army. Anyone in need can apply for boxes of free food, shop at the low cost thrift store, or apply for free Christmas toys or meals. The aid is for people of all religions and backgrounds. Many other services are provided too, but when it comes to financial aid for energy bills or housing, this is much more limited.

The location in Newnam Georgia is part of the wider, statewide network. This means that the local center is involved in disbursing grants from Project Share as well as operating disaster relief programs in partnership with the Red Cross. Those are two more regional services, but local families can apply as well.

While the assistance, including financial, is combined with counseling, there is no requirement around having to use the ministry. Instead the counseling will generally focus on case management needs. This is when the Salvation Army case worker will help the client identify the cause of their hardship as well as come up with solutions for solving it.

Coweta County Salvation Army non-financial aid – There are several services. These will provide so called “in-kind” goods, summer camp, social services, and/or case management. Other resources may also fall under this classification.

-Food bank – Once a month or quarter, income qualified families can receive free groceries. There may be pasta and sauce, canned fruit or vegetables, baby formula, Ensure for seniors, and more.
-Free or low cost clothes – They can be bought for a low price at the thrift store or provided for free (in a crisis) from the Coweta County Salvation Army clothing closet.
-Household supplies – The thrift store may also have appliances, cribs for babies, utensils, coffee makers, and more.
-Seasonal services – Newnam can apply for Angel Tree Christmas gifts for their kids or the back to school supply program.
-Summer services – Children from families in poverty can learn about summer camps in the Coweta County area, places for snacks for students, and affordable day care.
-Case management is part of this resource as well. No financial aid is given, but clients can get advice, use a computer to search for jobs, and receive confidential counseling.
-Temporary housing is disbursed across Georgia, and there are shelters, transitional homes, and other centers. Clients of the Salvation Army include veterans, single moms, and the elderly.





Grants from Project Share and Coweta County Salvation Army – This is where the financial aid comes from. But this is a donation program, so the Salvation Army relies on contributions from the community. This also means that funds are limited. However the Salvation Army will sometimes receive money from the government or Untied Way in Coweta County.

Funding is issued on a one-off basis. Any financial aid is first come and served, limited, and often runs out quickly. The expenses to be paid also need to be approved by a case management, and checks are written directly to the landlord or energy company.

The Coweta County Salvation Army may authorize money to be paid for rental costs, utility or air conditioning bills, free cooling summer fans, or even prescription medications. There may also be some one time bills paid for case management, such as if the family needs gasoline for a job interview. The applicant needs to be able to pay future costs on their own as the Salvation Army will help help the perpetually struggling individuals and Project Share needs applicant to be self-sufficient.

The Newnan Service Center, which covers all of Coweta County, is located at 670 Jefferson St, Newnan, Georgia 30263. For information or applications, call (770) 251-8181.




By Jon McNamara

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