Cortland County Salvation Army and social service programs.

A thrift store is open in Cortland County and is operated by the Salvation Army. The center allows people to donate to it, so to give back to the community, and families can also shop there for low income goods. Other assistance programs run by the Salvation Army, available from referrals or directly offered by them, include financial aid, Christmas toys or gifts, help with rent, free winter clothes and more.

The main resource though is the thrift store. This is the first line of support. It not only sells goods (as follows), but this second hand location is also what allows the non-profit to raise money. The store in Cortland County relies on volunteers to keep it running, and donations to keep it stocked.

The Family Store may have clothing, such as boots, hats, suits, dresses or ties for work, and more. There are household goods, such as furniture, kitchen appliances, coaches, beds, and more. Some vintage items may be sold at the thrift store, such as records, CDs, and other goods. Less common items from the Salvation Army may be electronics, TV, dishwashers, refrigerators, and more. All items for sale are low cost, but gently used.

In a crisis, very low income families may be given vouchers so they can get free items. This will generally be when someone has a disaster in their home, such as a flood or fire. Or there may be free vouchers for other emergencies. The Salvation Army in Cortland may loan out a wheelchair, crutches, or car seats for new, single moms. All of this is of course dependent on the items being stocked.

Similar to the thrift store will be other basic needs and seasonal programs. This is also a donation program. Most of the support is for children from very low income families or those in poverty. Senior citizens can also get help. The Cortland Salvation Army offers the following.
-Angel Tree Christmas toys, gifts, and presents.
-Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas meals for the homeless and low income.
-Free school supplies.
-Adopt a Family is when a business or the general community buy gifts, toys, holiday food baskets, and more for needy families at Christmas.
-While not seasonal in nature, the food pantry operates during the holidays and the course of the year.
-With the cold winter, the Salvation Army will have clothes or coats for the winter. Read more free winter clothing.





Cortland County Salvation Army Red Kettle is used to raise money. While it runs during November or December, it helps fund the Salvation Army year round. If enough money is raised, it not only helps pay the operational costs of the charity, but surplus funds help pay bills in an emergency. The center may help pay housing costs, such as rent or utilities. Other bills paid, often in a crisis, range from gasoline vouchers for work to prescriptions, heating oil, and more. All of this financial help is very limited.

Seniors can seek adult services. This will help the lonely or elderly that are going through more difficult periods. The Salvation Army may bring them a hot meal, or visit them at home or in a case facility. The mental and physically disabled can get developmental help too. This will help people get the care and support they need. There are also referrals to medical clinics for them, transportation programs, financial aid and more.

Cortland Salvation Army case management, and employment assistance, can help break the cycle of poverty. The staff will allow the use of a computer to seek a job or research companies. They may also give appropriate work attire for the interview, or provide a ride to the job site in Cortland.

For access to the thrift store, it is located at 138 Main St, Cortland, NY 13045. This is where the other Salvation Army social services are run from too. The phone number is (607) 753-9363.




By Jon McNamara

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