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Connecticut uninsured health care programs.

Health care is available to individuals in Connecticut who fall into the uninsured status. The state works with local non-profit organizations and the federal government in an effort to provide either free or affordable medical care, prescription medications and more resources to people who lack coverage.

Medical assistance will be provided contingent on several other factors as well. For example, the family will need to be classified as low income and/or working poor, in addition to lacking proper health insurance. Many of the programs are also focused on meeting certain needs, such as patients with cancer, children, or senior care.

Hundreds of thousands of residents in Connecticut lack proper medical and dental insurance. These resources can help them fill that gap in coverage and ensure that people get the assistance that they need.

Medicaid, also known in the state as the Connecticut Medical Assistance Program, is for qualified uninsured and low-income residents. Patients can get dental bills paid for, physician visits, hospitalization costs, labwork, x rays and more. It is paid for both by the state and the federal government. Many of the beneficiaries are pregnant women, children, seniors, families with children, individuals who are blind, aged or disabled. Call 800-842-1508 to learn more or apply for Medicaid and this assistance program.

Connecticut Colorectal Cancer Control Program, or CCRCP, provides free colonoscopys to those who qualify. Telephone 860-509-8000.




The Statewide Respite Care Program can offer financial assistance and cash grants to pay for respite care costs. This includes temporary relief to those who are currently caring for family members. The main number is 800-994-9422.

ConnTRANS is also known as the Connecticut Organ Transplant Program. This program will help pay for expenses such as organ transplants. Other costs paid can include health insurance, physician and hospital services, child care expenses, prescription drugs, medical transportation, and even some lodging costs/hotels can be paid for if it is for the patient or family members. 860-424-5250





Vaccines for Children Program, or VFC, is also offered. Local health care centers and state agencies provide free or very low cost vaccines for students and children. The goal is to prevent diseases in children. A number of potential conditions can be met, including measles, polio, Dipththeria, tetanus, influenza and many more. 860-509-7929.

ConnPACE, or the Connecticut Pharmaceutical Assistance Contract to the Elderly and Disabled, can provide low cost prescription medications for the disabled and senior citizens who lack proper health insurance. The program can pay for most prescription medications including insulin, equipment such as syringes and more. For patients that are enrolled in Medicare part D, ConnPACE provides both copay and premium assistance. If you are uninsured, call the center at 800-423-5026.

CT AIDS Drug Assistance Program (CADAP) (a/k/a ADAP) can provide up to 150 AIDS/HIV medications to qualified patients who can't pay for them on their own. The main phone number is 800-233-2503.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program, or CBCCEDP, is offered for uninsured and lower income women. It is a free service that is made available to pro-actively find any issues. Some of what can be paid for includes colposcopy-directed biopsies, Pap tests, diagnostic mammograms, biopsies, ultrasounds, clinical exams, fine needle aspirations, colposcopies and LEEP, and surgical consultations. Main number is 860-509-7804.

CIAPAP is the state's Insurance Assistance Program for AIDS Patients. If they lost their job or current health insurance plan then it will help them find alternate solutions, such as group health insurance. Up to 36 months of premiums can be paid for, if conditions are met. Call 800-842-1508 for eligibility and other information.

Connecticut Health Reinsurance Association is a so called high risk pool. It is medical coverage for individuals that were denied insurance coverage due to preexisting conditions, who are uninsured, and that are also not covered by COBRA or other government benefits. Telephone number is 800-842-0004.

HUSKY Health Care for Children and Adults is state sponsored coverage for senior citizens, children, parents, relative caregivers, individuals with disabilities, pregnant women and adults without children. HUSKY B is health coverage for children under age 19 who are not eligible for A due to income. So therefore Medicare is really the same as Husky A. Connecticut HUSKY D if for low income adults through age 64 who do not qualify for HUSKY A, per previous line, and who are uninsured. Last, but not least, HUSKY C is Medicaid for Aged/Blind/Disabled in the state. 877-284-8759




Another Medicaid program is the non-profit Katie Beckett fund. This is free medical care at home for severely disabled individuals who are currently uninsured. Patients will receive full services. 800-445-5394.

MED is also known as Medicaid for the Employed Disabled. This program allows disabled persons in Connecticut to be employed and to still be eligible for medical bill assistance and health care coverage under the Medicaid program. It is government sponsored medical care with no premiums due from persons below the established income limit and who do not have any other insurance. 866-844-1903

Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan is available in Connecticut. For residents of the state with pre-existing conditions the program can provide them with an extensive menu of government and/or private health benefits. Patients with conditions can receive prescription drugs, primary and specialty care, hospital services. Some premiums will be due. Call 800-656-6684.

WISEWOMAN, or Heart/Stroke Screening, is available in Connecticut. It is offered for uninsured, low-income and under insured people as well. The intent of the program is to prevent, delay or control cardiovascular and other diseases. Qualified patients can receive tests and screenings including  glucose, blood pressure checks, cholesterol tests, and more. Doctors will also review the woman's weight, height, personal and family medical history, and overall health behavior. Dial 860-509-7804.

The Town of Wethersfield in Connecticut also oversees a Medical Equipment Loan Program. In effect, almost any type of medical equipment on the market can be borrowed from the town and the program for as long as it is needed. Another component of the program is on providing scholarships to families in need of help. Telephone number is 860-721-2977.




By Jon McNamara

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