Compassionate Ministries Network assistance programs.

Lower income families and residents on southern Adams County in Indiana only can seek help from CMN - Compassionate Ministries Network. The faith based charity only help a small region, but extensive aid can be offered. Resources range from emergency rental or energy bill assistance to Christmas toys, furniture, housing, and much more.

Everything starts with the thrift store. This is the resource that allow CMN to help the needy in their service area. As the money raised from the location is used to provide help help to as many people as possible.

The cash raised to pay for these programs comes from their resale, or thrift store. The CMN location is both a donation center as well as place to stop by to shop. All of the proceeds are used to pay for the operating costs of the agency, but, more importantly, to provide the financial assistance back to people that are struggling.

The resale shop is used by low income families to pay for the household supplies or clothes they need, and it is also used by more mid to high income families to save money as well as to give back to the southern Adams County community. Whether someone is living paycheck to paycheck and needs high quality furniture, or someone that is close to retirement that wants to buy a TV, many items are sold by Compassionate Ministries Network. Stop by to shop and save money for everything from clothes to bedding or appliances. Or drop by to donate or volunteer to work at the CMN thrift store.

Compassionate Ministries Network financial assistance and basic needs (such as furniture or medications) are granted on a case-by-case basis to local residents, and is only offered as resources are available. People are allowed to apply at most once every 3 months, and they will need to proof why they are still in the same hardship if they did decide to reapply. Note if someone is a senior, there may be a more extensive application period to apply in.

CMN may offer help to impoverished members of the community. Temporary Assistance includes free household supplies, food, furniture, and limited cash grants for their bills. The basic needs from the non-profit typically consists of several bags of canned food, hygiene items such as shampoo, cleaning supplies, and paper products.





The CMN Food Bank is a major distribution center in southern Adams County Indiana. However this service alone cannot solve hunger in the towns of Adams or larger area. Unfortunately, many people do not apply for public aid, such as SNAP, and they may be qualified. So Compassionate Ministries Network can also offer information on food stamps or WIC vouchers. As a local pantry, the non-profit also relies on the generous contributions of the community, so please give back if possible.

Christmas Assistance is available as a seasonal program. This is available for children from low income families under the age of 16. In collaboration with other local Adams County agencies to avoid duplication, every applying parent is screened.

When qualified, Compassionate Ministries Network will help the parent or even their caregiver. They will help the family get a toy, gift certificate, or clothing for their child. The parents have some flexibility in what they select. This program depends on donations, and donors to the Christmas Program include churches, businesses, and even individual fund raisers.

Compassionate Ministries Network is a leading anti-poverty organization. The address is 203 E Main St, Berne, IN 46711, and telephone number is (260) 589-8500. Apply for aid, donate to the thrift store, or shop there. Many services are available.



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